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Predict the Baylor vs. Texas Tech Game

We totally take this totally seriously, so make sure and leave your totally accurate predictions for the Baylor vs. Texas Tech game.

John Weast

We get a special infographic this morning, courtesy of Statmilk and I've also added a poll because it's all about interactivity!

Leave your prediction in the comments!

DanSwany 55-52 Tech. We win the shootout and shock Baylor. Mayfield throws for 450+ yards and is the MVP. Amaro has 100+ yards receiving and 2 TDs.
LoneStarRedRaider Gulp... 56-31, Baylor. I took the average score from our last two games, added a 10% Tarpless Factor, and rounded up.
MikeTTU Baylor 56, Tech 20. I forgot to mention I'm notoriously bad at predictions (just ask my friends) so hopefully I get this one wrong. Baylor goes berzerk and and Tech struggles in the 1st half.
RndRckTTU Tigers and lions and Baylor Bears, Oh my…. I am hoping and praying for a perfect game from the Red Raiders and an upset win over Baylor and I am hoping that since last week I was wrong, that I will be wrong again. I love my Red Raiders but that being said we don’t get the win this week. Final Score Tech 37 Baylor 56
kevinkinsler Relied on homerism last week despite my better judgement... 66-35 Baylor. We just can't keep up with their offense in this one despite playing a relatively good game.
SARR For this game I've gotta take off my homer hat and just look at this game and these two teams objectively. So with that in mind, I say Tech 70, Baylor 3.
Seth C Baylor 48, Texas Tech 33. I think it's dumb for me to not pick Baylor and go over the current line of 27.