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Texas Tech Morning Links | Soccer Hosts Minnesota Tonight in NCAA 1st Round; Football Links

The Texas Tech soccer team is set to host Minnesota Golden Gophers in the first round of the NCAA Tournament and we've got some football links for your Friday.

John Weast


Not a lot of links, but there's a ton of stuff on the way this morning.  The weekly conversation, a prediction post, two men's basketball posts including a recap of last night's game.  You better stick around.

  • Soccer: Do not forget! Tonight at 7:00 pm, the Texas Tech soccer teams kicks off their NCAA Tournament against Minnesota. The LAJ writes about how the team needs to get off to a fast start. The DT also previews the big game.
  • Men's Basketball: I've got a write-up on the way, but the Red Raiders lost to the Alabama Crimson Tide, 76-64. We'll get to that later today.
  • Football:
    • The LAJ writes about the defense trying to cut down on big plays.
    • The FWST has an article about how successful football teams wear green.
    • DMN's Chuck Carlton writes about how Texas Tech can beat Baylor. Also from the DMN writes about the injuries and mistakes for Texas Tech and the Baylor writer for the DMN predicts a Baylor win as does the Texas Tech writer for the DMN.


Lots of great stuff today.