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Texas Tech v. Baylor | Neutral Game Hotspots

Join us on our quest for the best watering holes and choke-n-pukes surrounding that huge Flight of the Navigator spaceship replica.

Cue the Beach Boys
Cue the Beach Boys
Chris Graythen

Friends, we’ve come down to it. This is the week where we face the scoring nightmare machine that is Baylor football. These guys are for real. They've even gone tarpless recently, leaving the question "Where is Bear Country?" much harder to answer.

I will be in attendance with some faithful Red Raiders: ol' Blue Eyes, Ace and JT. Respect will be taken and m-effers will be aired out.

Now, all I need is for one of you guys to email me so I can give you my beeper number in case we get escorted away by some of Arlington’s Finest.

Arlington, TX

It seems like the places below kept coming up. Give me your thoughts in the comments.

J. Gilligan's (400 E. Abram St)

I went to the twitter this week to ask for suggestions, and this place garnered all of the praise. It looks like they have a shuttle that will take you back and forth to the stadium for $8. Call Gilligan’s at (817) 274-8561 for shuttle times.

Maverick's Bar & Grill (601 E. Main St)

This place gets some great reviews, but this statement on their website made me pause:

We welcome all Arlington Texas Exes to come watch the Longhorn games every Saturday!

Does anyone else know more about this? Burnt orange plays traffic cone orange at 2:30 on Saturday. Maverick's also has Karaoke on Saturday nights. Who's up for Islands in the Stream? I know Dolly's part.

Sunshine Bar (902 W. Division St)

Got some pretty good reviews on the Google.

Twisted Root (310 E. Abram St #100)

Some of you guys mentioned Twisted Root for the SMU game. There's a location right around these other joints, and it could be worth checking out. This quote from OutlawRaider is worth reposting:

If you have a group (or wish to die an early death of heart disease), get the fried ride – fried pickles, fried green beans, fries, & fried onions.

Lubbock Events

Wednesday, November 13th

The Blue Light
Dusty Low Band - 9:00pm

Thursday, November 14th

The Blue Light
Adam Hood - 9:00pm

Friday, November 15th

A Threat to the Enemy with
A Darker Shade of Gray &
Wicked Country Road - 7:00pm

Wild West
Matt Kimrow - 8:00pm

Tim Tivas & the Ground Floor - 8:00pm

Hemmle Recital Hall
TTU School of Music
Texas Tech Graduate Brass Quintet Concert - 8:00pm

The Blue Light
Kyle Bennett - 9:00pm

Bash Riprock's
Shane Rogers Band - 9:00pm

The Office
Uncle Lucius & Midnight River Choir - 9:00pm

PUB 50
Junkmale - 9:00pm

The Spoon
Jeff Strahan CD Release - 10:00pm

Rosco's Sports Bar & Grill
Element - 10:00pm

This is the first time I've heard of this place. If anyone else has been here, fill us in. The website looks promising.

Saturday, November 16th

Fluid Frequency
Phishskale &
Realm Divided - 7:00pm

Wild West
Thomas Rhett - 8:00pm

The Office
176 Keys Dueling Pianos - 9:00pm

The Blue Light
John David Kent &
The Dumb Angels - 9:00pm


El Ranchito Burrito (4529 34th St)

Last week, we discussed breakfast in honor of our fourth 11am game of the year. I had fully intended to go to the Lubbock Breakfast House, but after all of the great recommendations you guys brought in, I decided to try something new.

We ended up at El Ranchito Burrito, which was the perfect choice. I would’ve eaten my weight in breakfast meats and eggs elsewhere, so a burrito made a lot more sense. The salsa tasted very fresh, and the chorizo and egg seemed to have a little extra spice to it. Thanks for the heads up!

What say you, VTMers?