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Prediction Time | The VTM Staff Predicts the Oklahoma St. vs Texas Tech Game

Possibly win meaningless prizes and predict the final score to the game.

John Weast

We, the staff, was entirely incorrect last week, but that's not going to shake our faith. Leave your prediction in the comments with the possibility of receiving incredibly useless prizes (you won't receive any prizes). Let's do this. #WarDamnFox

DanSwany 45-27 Tech wins. Washington scores 1 TD through the air, and 1 TD on the ground. Webb throws 400+ yards. Students rush the field at the end in their Halloween costumes.
LoneStarRedRaider 42-35, TTU. OSU's running game could keep them in it, but Tech ends up with the W.
SARR Webb is MVP 42-28 Tech
kevinkinsler Tech 48-31. The good guys come out of the gate with a chip on their shoulder and angry after their first loss. The 'pokes then have to put the ball in the air with mixed results, while our offense keeps humming.
Seth C Oklahoma St. 28, Texas Tech 34. Have I told everyone that I hate predicting games? Can't judge how this team is going to rally after a loss, but think it will be much better than last year.