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Post Game Thread | Texas Tech Red Raiders 37, West Virginia Moutaineers

Texas Tech survives turnovers and an opportunistic West Virginia team to get to 7-0 and 4-0 in the Big 12.

Dan Friend-USA TODAY Sports

I'll take it. Huge. Huge. Huge win on the road. Take it from here Big Phil.


  • A win is a win is a win.  Turnovers and more opportunistic play by West Virginia was a factor.  You had to believe that WVU would be opportunistic after what they did to Oklahoma St.  I'll take this.
  • QB Davis Webb was really good.  He looked reall uncomfortable on that run where he fumbled the ball.  That play changed the game and he needs to know that he is not that typ of quarterback.
  • The defense really held after the first half of offensive turnovers and errors.  The second half defense was pretty much spectacular.
  • Amaro.  Oh my. Amaro.


  • My newcomer of the midseason was awful, Ola Falemi and he just couldn't look back and cover anyone worth a darn.
  • Austin Stewart returning kickoffs.  This is a good idea?
  • Tanner Jacobson had a really rough day.
  • The good thing about all of this was that their replacements were fantastic.  So we're going to turn a negative into a positive.  Austin Stewart looked really good at strong safety, and Derrick Mays replacing Falemi had to be done.  Falemi's physche was all beat up