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Prediction Time | The VTM Staff Predicts the Texas Tech vs. West Virginia Game

In a cosmic convergence of events, the VTM staff does the one thing that Seth C despises, which is predict the game.

John Weast

We may nor may not promise to send whoever wins a really crappy prize and we may just decide to give you some VTM bucks or something that is even more worthless. Feel free to leave a comment with your score prediction.

DanSwany 45-24 TTU wins. Amaro, Ward, and Grant each have over 75 receiving yards. Webb throws for 350+ yards. Our defense scores once.
MikeTTU 27-21 Tech. Was convinced earlier that WVU would win, but I feel that West Virginia's offense isn't tough enough to get to 30 points. Webb will struggle, but the defense get's key turnovers in West Virginia territory and the duo of Williams and Washington pound it against WVU's weak rush D.
LoneStarRedRaider 35-17 Tech. The special teams that we grew to love over the first 5 games will make a triumphant return. The game could be close going into the 3rd quarter, but the halftime adjustments made by our staff will help us pull away in the end. Also, Holgersen will be wearing Wayfarers.
SARR 38-28 Tech. Special teams plays well and defense gets a few timely turnovers.
kevinkinsler 31-27 Tech. We struggle throughout the first half to get in a groove. A tough 2nd leaves Tech and short field or two put WVU back in position for the win before the defense is called on to win the game on the field in the 4th.
Seth C Texas Tech 40, West Virginia 27. Texas Tech just seems that they are in a much better groove than WVU and I think Texas Tech will correct the mistakes from last week.