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Big 12 Roundup | UT Upends OU; Baylor Remains Undefeated; TCU Survives Kansas

The Sooners get up-ended in Dallas, falling to the Longhorns by two touchdowns. Baylor continues to win and takes K-State at Home, while the Horned Frogs ONLY beat Kansas by 10.

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Well, I didn't see the Texas knocking the crud out of the Sooners. And I'm also guessing that those that were riding the Baylor money train (taking the over and taking all dem points) is a bit disappointed this morning.

  • So what do we make of Texas? They are undefeated in conference and maybe has the most impressive win of the teams that are undefeated . . . right? Are they as bad as we've been told or was Oklahoma that severely out-coached?
  • Baylor remains undefeated, but it wasn't as easy as their prior games. They certainly looked human, but they still won by 10 on the road.
  • TCU is literally just surviving right now. I never would have thought that their offense would be so lackluster. Thank goodness they have some defense to fall back on.
  • I'm nervous that West Virginia had a whole week to prepare for Texas Tech.
  • Kansas State is winless in the Big 12 right now. That is not something that I would have predicted in the summer.

Our Daily Bears (Baylor Bears)
What Happened: Baylor 35, Kansas St. 25
Up Next: Iowa St.
That Baylor was able to win, despite everything I just said, shows how far this program has come. We saw this game in 2011, the last time we went to Manhattan, but the result was very different despite Robert Griffin III leading the charge. We would have seen it again in 2012, but we were at home and jumped on them too quickly for Snyderball to take hold. Had we managed to score on our second drive in the first quarter, that might have happened again. But we didn't, and Kansas State took advantage of our surprising misfires to keep the game close and eventually take the lead. At that point, down 25-21, our team could (and past teams might) have folded, letting KState's momentum carry them away. Instead, the offense responded with yet another big play to retake the lead, and a timely interception by Ahmad Dixon righted the defensive ship, giving Glasco Martin the chance to salt away the victory. If they players are this excited about winning this game, I'm not going to be upset. (Link)

Wide Right & Natty Lite (Iowa St. Cyclones)
What Happened: Iowa St. 35, Texas Tech 42
Up Next: @ Baylor
fter a measured, upward trajectory in games one through four, where the progress could be seen in both the stat sheet and on-field product, Iowa State took a step back in Lubbock today and there were few positives to take away from this game. The score was incredibly deceiving as Iowa State was outgained 666-311. That's right, 666 yards. Looks like our old pal Satan didn't have our backs today. To make matters worse, Iowa State gave up 245 yards on the ground to the worst rushing team in the conference to the tune of 5.6 yards per carry. Very little went right as the Cyclones turned in one of the more frustrating offensive performances to date. Iowa State was 5-18 on third down, completed only 38% of their passes and rushed for a paltry 3.7 yards per carry. It was a shit-tastic performance, but credit has to be given to the Texas Tech defense. After watching that game, I can confidently say that Texas Tech is extremely deserving of their top-20 ranking and is easily the best team Iowa State has faced to date. The Red Raiders deployed a calculated, aggressive defensive scheme and Iowa State had no answer. (Link)

Rock Chalk Talk (Kansas Jayhawks)
What Happened: Kansas 17, TCU 27
Up Next: Oklahoma
Overall, since I was expecting a 45-6 game, I suppose you could say I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. Even with the Texas beatdown of Oklahoma today, it doesn't change my thought process for next week when the Sooners roll into town. If anything, they'll be more pissed, and will put up 70 on us instead of just 50. I dunno if there's anything Kansas can take away from this game. The defense isn't going to pick up five turnovers every game the rest of the year. They just aren't. The offense has to figure something out. All game long, all I heard from the TV commentators was how "off" Jake Heaps was, and how bad the O-Line was getting beat. If we're going to pick up a win at any point the rest of the year, those two things have to improve, and probably improve dramatically. (Link)

Bring On The Cats (Kansas St. Wildcats)
What Happened: Baylor 35, Kansas St. 25
Up Next: Bye.
There are still problems. The passing game was all but non-existent today, with only four pass plays of particular note (most importanty the 12-yard toss from Sams to Torell Miller that set up K-State's final touchdown). Neither quarterback showed any touch, although both showed flashes of good decision-making in critical moments. Randall Evans particularly deserves a call-out for an absolutely horrible first half which included an egregiously stupid penalty which allowed Baylor's opening drive to end in a touchdown rather than a field goal. The playcalling still leaves a lot to be desired. Critically though, somehow, some way, someone's got to get the quarterbacks to stop committing game-killing turnovers with less than five minutes to go. They've lost four games now, and I don't care whose side you're on, this fact is indisputable: Both quarterbacks have crapped away the game twice now. What's the bright side? I think, given how the team performed today, that it's entirely possible for the Cats to run the table from here out and finish 8-4 (6-3). It'll be tough, and both Oklahoma and Texas Tech loom as particular roadblocks, but the team that played Baylor today isn't going to be losing to the bottom half of this league. In all, this was a tight loss to a great team... when we had every reason to expect to get blown out. I'm not into moral victories except when they're indicative of future progress. So long as the coaching staff doesn't keep throwing this team into a black hole, they proved themselves capable today. (Link)

Crimson and Cream Machine (Oklahoma Sooners)
What Happened: Oklahoma 20, Texas 36
Up Next: @ Kansas
Up was down, left was right, yes meant no. It was dumb, annoying, and really didn't make a whole lot of sense. Well that pretty much sums up the offensive game plan Josh Heupel designed for this 108th meeting between these two hated rivals. Literally nothing that this OU offense did made any sense. It was almost as if none of the offensive coaches on OU's staff watched any film from Texas' previous games. Texas has struggled mightily to stop a kindergarten-like simple quarterback run game. OU and Heupel did none of that. Bob Stoops even went so far as to say during his postgame press conference that he and the offensive staff weren't comfortable using Bell in the run game. Which if actually true leads to the obvious question of why you even start Blake Bell in this game to begin with? This game plan needed to be centered around the quarterback running the football. So if you come into the game without that even being a part of the plan, you've already shot yourself in the foot by voluntarily refusing to exploit one of the glaring weaknesses of this Texas defense. I literally cannot even comprehend the stupidness of that Stoops statement. Texas has been horrible stopping the run against even the most average of rushing attacks. OU and Heupel didn't allow a single running back more than seven carries in the game. Texas has looked helpless defending the zone read and yet OU did not make it a focus of their offense, possibly because when they did call it Bell repeatedly made the wrong read. (Link)

Cowboys Ride For Free (Oklahoma St. Cowboys)
What Happened: Bye.
Up Next: TCU

Burnt Orange Nation (Texas Longhorns)
What Happened: Oklahoma 20, Texas 36
Up Next: Bye.
Defensive dominance. The last time we saw Greg Robinson on the sidelines of the Red River Rivalry, his Longhorns defense did its part to end an OU streak of dominance only to have Greg Davis get shut out. Fast forward a decade and GERG's unit did it again, and this time Applewhite and the offense did their part to translate it into a victory. The Texas defense limited an OU rushing attack that had been looking nigh unstoppable to a mere 130 yards on 33 carries, and they were absolutely brilliant on 3rd down, allowing the Sooners to convert just 2 of 13 3rd down plays. Just as importantly, until a lone mishap late in the game Texas shut out Oklahoma's receivers from the yards after catch on which they thrive, demonstrating physicality and sound fundamentals that had been conspicuously missing from Texas' tackling the last 2+ seasons. Quandre Diggs was spectacular as a roving weapon, Adrian Phillips played his best game as a Longhorn and was critical in defending the run, and Duke Thomas was asked to play press coverage without help over the top and he stepped up and played like a veteran. Schematically, Robinson's game plan was a smart allocation of risk and deployment of resources: dropping the former tailback Whaley into coverage on the zone blitz was a terrific call; the use of Duke Thomas in coverage and Adrian Phillips at the line of scrimmage reflected a keen understanding of how to optimally utilize both players; and the role Robinson crafted for Diggs allowed him to thrive in performance commensurate with his talent. If we were handing out grades, Robinson earned an A+ for his performance on Saturday. (Link)

Barking Carnival (Texas Longhorns)
What Happened: Oklahoma 20, Texas 36
Up Next: Bye.
Case McCoy predicted a 'legacy game' against the Sooners, and just about every Longhorn fan nodded in agreement. Little did we know that he was talking about the GOOD kind of legacy. McCoy put the Mox in Moxie, in ways not seen since Jonathan Moxon took the field for West Canaan. The mox was doled out in small increments early, as Case hit a few of his wheelhouse over-the-middle throws early. He upped the mox dosage on Texas' second drive, enduring a WWE-style takedown to generate a roughing the passer penalty that would come to naught after TAILBACK 4 LIFE Joe Bergeron put the pig on the carpet. It seemed that the ol' McCoy Moxie had rubbed off on Mack, as the Longhorns eschewed an easy field goal for a fourth-down playfake that had Alex de la Torre open for a potential TD. Unfortunately, there's only so much mox to go around, and Mack held on to the mox too long as Case completely gaffed the pass and turned the ball back to the Sooners. After that, though, Case was done with lowercase. It was all-caps MOXIE from there on out, punctuated by a perfect sideline throw to Marcus Johnson on an out-and-up for a 57-yard TD. The concept was one that the Saints have been ripping NFL defenses with all season, and the design and call were tremendous from Applewhite. While the game as a whole put a drain on the nation's strategic MOXIE reserves, they were by no means sucked dry. Plenty remained for Case to put a ball on the front pylon, right into Mike Davis' hands for a key third-quarter score that helped pull the run game off the menu for OU. A slight degree of OVER-MOXIE yielded a Matt Schaub to a Sooner DT to raise the collective Longhorn blood pressure, but as the D held firm it became clear that on this day, MOXIE would not be denied. (Link)

Frogs O War (TCU Horned Frogs)
What Happened: Kansas 17, TCU 27
Up Next: @ Oklahoma St.
This may be the least enjoyable win I've ever experienced. For all of the good things that the TCU offense did today there were so many turnovers- some fluky, some just dreadful- that it sucked all of the joy out of this game and replaced it with a feeling of exasperation. "We couldn't have done that again." being the common theme. From both Catalon and James fumbling, to a tipped pass interception, a missed communication interception and sending Brandon Carter out on the field to field a punt just when the momentum had turned, shock set it early and made the game take on somewhat of a surreal quality. All glory to the TCU defense which got consistent pressure, drew penalties, covered exceedingly well and didn't let the Jayhawks capitalize on their numerous short field opportunities. The playcalling was perhaps slightly improved, but still had a large number of moments that left you shaking your head wondering what in the world was going through Anderson's mind. Also, excepting Patterson himself, whoever decided to send Brandon Carter out to field the first punt of the second half after Cameron Echols-Luper had done a great job with it in the first half should be fired. I really don't have a lot to say about this one except I'm glad it's over, I'm glad TCU got the win and I'm glad I took the under- beyond that it was a joyless day that could have been so much better. Chalk it up as another step toward Bowl eligibility and let's move on to Oklahoma State. (Link)

The Smoking Musket (West Virginia Mountaineers)
What Happened: Bye
Up Next: Texas Tech