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Non-Transcripts of Kingsbury, Hocutt and Curtis on Thetford and Ashby

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury, athletic director Kirby Hocutt and cornerbacks coach Kevin Curtis were interviewed by 104.3 Thetford and Ashby and this is a non-transcript of each of their interviews.

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Double-T 104.3's Thetford and Ashby interviewed Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury, athletic director Kirby Hocutt and cornerbacks coach Kevin Curtis. It took me a couple of days to do non-transcripts for all three interviews, but I thought that you all would enjoy this. The wording in the brackets [ ] are my own thoughts or trying to give you some context. Remember, this is not a word-for-word transcript, but me typing while listening.

KLIFF KINGSBURY: Is out recruiting, in East Texas yesterday and in Houston today. Short two day window, then go dead on Sunday for the convention and then get back at it next week. The TAMU offensive line is gifted, two tackles are top-ten picks, one of the guards will be a top-ten pick, great job by Sherman recruiting those kids. [Kingsbury is asked about losing Luke Joeckel to TAMU and this is somewhat uncomfortable because it was Leach that didn't sign the Joeckel brothers and the theory was that Leach didn't want to give twin brother Matt a scholarship as a quarterback, although his Rivals profile says that he did get an offer, just don't know if it was at quarterback. The Joeckel brothers signed in December of the 2010 class, which means that technically, this was Tuberville's class, but a majority of the players had been previously recruited by Leach and I think the December signing day is before Leach was terminated.] Will try to keep kids in the family. Support has been overwhelming, going to be special and a great vibe going around. Need to keep moving forward. The staff is a bunch of young guys, they are going to bring it on the recruiting trail, can't wait to be started and will be fun. [Is asked about not wearing maroon.] Always wore black as it helps him stand out, but had nothing to do with not wanting to wear maroon. Will be calling the plays. Right in the middle of it. It is what I am best doing. I will be calling plays as long as I am head coach. We take a lot of pride in adapting to the personnel. We had a great QB at Houston, then needed to use Johnny's legs more. Found ways to move him around. We'll see what we got, excited. Manziel was very coachable, will go rogue, but that's his confidence in his ability. He has a good plan with it. He did it to Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida and LSU. They have a bunch of good athletes. No coaching announcements. [Dean Campbell gets on the phone, was Kingsbury's former coach and recruited him to Texas Tech.] Three spots left and will be going to the convention this week. As far as recruiting goes, we're getting young guys. I think it will be a good group. Have not looked at the current roster, there are a lot of good players. It's not like it is a broken product and excited about next year. Not a big fan of showboating and personal foul penalties. Without a head coach on the sideline, there is no repercussions, and games tend to go that way. We'll get that straightened out. Michael Brewer, I don't know if he lost a game, first and foremost, you want a winner. To compare him to Johnny, is unfair. There are a handful of quarterbacks we're excited about. [Seems uncomfortable as the hosts talk about whether or not Kingsbury wears boxers or briefs (this question was texted in) and if he likes blondes or brunettes.]

A couple of things here. There are three coaching spots still left, so I think that is the defensive coordinator, a defensive line coach and a running back coach. Also, Kingsbury is going to call plays and I wouldn't expect anything different.

The next person Thetford and Ashby interviewed was Hocutt:

KIRBY HOCUTT: Made a quick decision. Don't stretch it out. Kingsbury has been around a lot of great coaches, his time with Sumlin, happened in less than 100 hours. When Kliff talked to the team, prior to the press conference, the instant connection, there was instant connection. That type of energy was not something that I had seen since I had been here. [Reference to Tuberville crawling out the window at 50 Yard Line and how certain fans didn't embrace him. Good times and laughs are had by everyone.] The excitement and energy is unprecedented. Tommy is a good man, things don't always work out the way you want them to work out. Worked out best for Tommy and Texas Tech. [Thetford and Ashby are very appreciative of how mad Hocutt was.] We're going to be great at Texas Tech. It is a fabric of who I am, your word is your bond. [Would Kirby take job at K-State?] Says that he's happy at Texas Tech. This is a great place to live. This is not a job, but a lifestyle. The West Texas support is second to nowhere. [T-shirt and golf jokes.] Midland-Odessa is an important market for Texas Tech. [All of the Thetford and Ashby advertisers tell them it needs to be Texas Tech people.] We're taking our football team to Midland, at Grande Stadium for a Saturday scrimmage. Spend the whole day there. Midland is our second home, it is Midland. [Who is staying on the staff.] Premature to make any announcements. Tommy McVeigh is staying. Kliff if being diligent and he will make the right decisions. [Some chit-chat about TAMU and Manziel.] Under Armour, don't know if we'll see anything new in 2013, but in 2014, we will have a total re-design of the uniforms. Will do a special uniform, for our Lone Survivor Game. Will have about five combinations of uniforms. Believes has some of the best uniforms in the country. A lot of different combinations.

Hocutt had confirmed earlier in the year that Texas Tech would play a scrimmage in Midland and I think this is fantastic and am very happy about that. It took Hocutt some time to get the lay of the land, but it's clear that he gets Texas Tech and going to Midland is really something that is good for the program and for Midland. Also, the fact that the team will be getting a uniform re-design in 2014. I can't even imagine.

Last, but not least, cornerbacks coach Kevin Curtis:

KEVIN CURTIS: Great to come home. Is out recruiting, trying to find more prospects. Being received well, recruiting is about relationships. Some young men we have our foot in the door, some we knew at other places. Just building relationships and making families feel comfortable. We have been in the player's shoes, we have the knowledge, we're not that far removed. Have to learn how to get into their minds. [Curtis gives summary of his history since Curtis graduated.] Definitely very excited. Talked with Kliff about working together many times. Mike Smith is a knowledgeable guy, has been with the Jets and has been coaching outside linebackers. Was with Greg McMackin and Dave Aranda. He and Kliff has always talked about working together. When I heard word about Tuberville leaving, I texted Kliff, "Wow." On Wednesday, we talked, after he got the job, and he said he wanted him with him. When that happened, it was automatic. Defensively, will be aggressive, force turnovers and be great in the redzone. Will handle the corners and Trey Haverty will handle the safeties.

Curtis did confirm that he'll be in charge of the cornerbacks. Now that he's confirmed that, I'll get his profile up in the next day or two.