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Friday Morning Links at Viva The Matadors | 2013-01-04

Some housekeeping items, including the updates that were made to the look at the SBN sites. A bit on the women's basketball and how they have been overcoming early deficits. The men's basketball team is set to play TCU tomorrow. The football links include an old interview of Bill Parcells and his time at Texas Tech, Seth Doege and Cody Davis going to the East-West Shrine Game and some details on some changes to the south endzone and indoor practice facility details.


These are some really important house-keeping links, so if you are having trouble commenting or any other issues, please take a look at these first few links. I'm probably going to keep the layout as it is now, which is called, "Standard Three". I have also am adding more text or explanation to the blurb underneath the title so that you have some more context about what the post is about. If this is something that moves your needle one way or another, then let me know.

* UPDATE: Site Changes Are Now Live - Blog Huddle | The design/technical folks are monitoring this post, so if you are having problems or have input as to the new design, then this is where you need to go. They are trying to be responsive to actual issues and any feedback that you might have.

* SB Nation Diagnostics | I found this in the comments in one of the posts on SBN's Blog Huddle, so if you are having problems commenting, then this might be something that you can check. Also, I understand that a lot of people are having problems (not just at VTM) commenting or replying to comments. I think a part of this problem is that if you are using Internet Explorer. Some of you are at work and cannot download a different browser, but I think some of the problems can be solved by using Chrome or Firefox.


* Lady Raiders show they can overcome early deficits | Red Raiders


I've got a preview of tomorrow's game against TCU set to be posted later this morning. Also, there are a handful of previews heading into conference play.

* Sizing Up the Big 12 - Wide Right & Natty Lite
* Big 12 men's basketball overlooked now, but maybe not later | FWST - Dallas-Fort Worth Sports New


* Former Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Bill Parcells Talks Time at Texas Tech on Sportsline [AUDIO] | Yesterday morning, some folks on Twitter were talking about famous coaches that were on college coaching staffs. As some of you may know, Bill Parcells and Romeo Crennell were on Texas Tech's staff from 1975 to 1977 and I found an interview with Bill Parcells, Rodney Allison and Jack Dale that was really fun to listen to this morning. Parcells talked about a veteran Texas high school coach that befriended Parcells, who was Gordon Wood, and they talked football up until Wood's death a few years ago. Wood was considered to be the best football coach in Texas (Wikipedia). This was fun to listen to this morning.

* Doege, Davis Headed To East-West Shrine Game - Texas Tech Red Raiders Official Athletic Site | Congrats!

* UC AD: Tuberville's $2.2M salary 'market rate' | | | It seems like when Tuberville was hired, it was a 5 year $15 million deal, but now that appears to be quite a bit lower. That's about a $200,000 per year raise.

* Tech football program has high hopes, big ideas - Houston Chronicle | Pretty interesting things here, which includes Hocutt's plans to continue work on Jones AT&T Stadium after the 2013 season, namely the south endzone area:

Hocutt has plans for a second round of changes to the north end zone that could begin after the 2013 season if budgets and funding are finalized. That leaves the south end zone, where the plaza in front of the Tech athletics administration building still features the Southwest Conference logo and the names of its last eight member institutions (Arkansas was plastered into oblivion after it left the SWC in the 1990s) as the final step in boosting stadium capacity toward 70,000.

Also, it seems like Hocutt and the staff have picked their spot for the indoor practice facility:

Tuberville lobbied during his three years at Texas Tech for an indoor training facility similar to those that have become standard fare at Big 12 schools such as TCU and Baylor. Hocutt said work is beginning on design plans for a building that probably will be located on the site of Tech's grass practice fields south of the stadium and the football administration building.