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Red Raiders Basketball Questions

3 questions answered in my own opinion about the basketball team on some fun and interesting topics that others might enjoy discussing.

Jamie Squire

Q: From a Seth C comment last week, "This team has had three different styles in three years. Pat, to BCG to Walker. Sorta reminds me of the football team and defensive schemes. What is your ideal system or what do you want this team’s identity to be?"

A: This is more of a wish then an answer to the question, but my favorite type of team to watch and root for is a team that can drain the three ball and play hard-nosed defense. I really like the up-tempo style that we run now, and absolutely find the press defense fun to see ran on the court. But, if I could choose out of any identity I’d want it is to make a lot of our downtown shots, and be known for our toughness on defense (not dirty, but physical). Walker lets our guys shoot a tremendous amount from behind the arc; we just need to start making more of them instead of being ranked #335 in the country at 26.3% for 3-point percentage. Our press defense is great at times, but we get beat down the court on long passes behind our D and fast guards driving by us for easy points a lot as well. If we played more physical and got our bodies against the other team more they might think twice when running set plays or press breaks. I don’t know if what I want for this Tech squad’s identity is realistic, but it is what I would wish for. I think with some better 3-point shooting, and playing some more aggressive D it might be a possibility.

Q: Will true freshman guard Dusty Hannahs start for the 4th straight time?

A: Yes. My reasoning is that he is the one guy that is consistently making 3-point shots. He broke into the starting lineup against Arizona State and started alongside the backcourt of Jamal Williams and Josh Gray. Then he started alongside Trency Jackson and Josh Gray while Williams was sidelined to 0 minutes in the last two games. Even if Williams is ready to go, I believe Hannahs has the hot hand and should be starting for us against TCU. Numbers on Hannahs this season; 14.8 mpg, 6.1 ppg, and 42.1% 3-point percentage on 16-38.

Q: Are some Red Raiders fans going to be at the Daniel-Meyer Coliseum cheering Tech on against TCU on Saturday?

A: Unfortunately I’m in Houston and just got back from a 4 day trip in Chicago or I would. And also, if I lived in the Dallas/Ft Worth area it’d be a 100% YES to the answer for this question. I am hoping to see a lot of red and black in the stands from the TV, and would imagine quite a bit of Tech fans will make it out to the game. The basketball game is being played less than 40 miles west of downtown Dallas. Get ready to see our first Big 12 win since February 11, 2012… I do think it will happen! Wreck ‘em Tech!