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Five Questions | Defensive Line

Five questions for the defensive line. Who steps up next year, who will be in the two deep?

Michael C. Johnson-US PRESSWIRE


No. Name Year Ht./Wt. Position
11 Leon Mackey SR 6-5/260 Defensive End


No. Name Year Ht./Wt. Position
54 Dartwan Bush JR 6-1/256 Defensive End
52 Kindred Evans RS FR 6-3/228 Defensive End
46 Christopher Knighton RS JR 6-1/252 Defensive End
43 Jackson Richards RS SO 6-4/248 Defensive End
10 Pete Robertson RS FR 6-3/220 Defensive End
40 Chase Robison FR 6-4/237 Defensive Line
98 Anthony Smith FR 5-10/312 Defensive Line
92 Michael Starts FR 6-4/303 Defensive Line
91 Kerry Hyder RS JR 6-2/281 Defensive Tackle
94 Donte Phillips RS FR 6-2/260 Defensive Tackle
8 Delvon Simmons SO 6-5/290 Defensive Tackle
96 Dennell Wesley JR 6-1/286 Defensive Tackle

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*As an aside, I left off who the walk-on players. You can see the entire roster here.

1. Kerry Hyder has significantly stepped up his play from yesterday to year. Of the returning regulars, who do you think makes a significant jump in terms of their play?

2. I have some what thought that Delvon Simmons and Michael Starts may be a bit too tall to play defensive tackle and are both relatively lean because they are so tall. Do you think he could benefit from a move to defensive end especially if this team goes to the 3-4? Any other players that you think are candidates for a position change?

3. The pass rush has been a big problem for this team. Who are the best pass rushers on the team and how do you get them to have a bigger impact on the game?

4. There are a handful players that didn't really play at all last year (Anthony Smith, J.J. Loller, Michael Starts, Kindred Evans, Donte Phillips, and Chase Robison). Any of these players that you think will burst on the scene this year?

5. You can do this for a 4 man front with a 4-3 and a 3 man front with a 3-4. I suppose you may also have to make a distinction as to whether or not your 3-4 is a 1-gap or 2-gap, but you can make that call. Who is in your two-deep for tackle and defensive end?