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Tuesday Morning Links at Viva The Matadors | 2013-01-29

Link on hurdler Katie Grimes. The women's basketball team making hustle plays. Observations from baseball practice. A TAMU quarterback may consider Texas Tech as a possible transfer destination.

Hello humans. I was out pretty much all day and night yesterday, so I missed the latest commitment, CB Dorian Crawford. Expect that profile later today, but I'm running out of pictures of cheerleaders. I also had a conversation with our very own DanSwany about the Texas Tech basketball program that I am trying to publish today as well.


* Tech hurdler leaps into school record books - The Daily Toreador: Sports | Good story on hurdler Katie Grimes.


* Lady Raiders made enough hustle plays to comfortably defeat TCU | Red Raiders


* Observations from Jan. 27 Texas Tech baseball practice | Red Raiders | George Watson is the best and I mean that.


* Big 12 basketball notes: Kansas coach Bill Self is fine with no league expansion | Dallas-For... | Some quotes from HC Chris Walker about the team's performance against UT.


* Texas A&M Backup Quarterback Showers To Transfer - WTAW | WTAW | Mr. Brewer, would you like some competition?

* College Food Fight Tournament: Vote on the Big 12's restaurant representatives -