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Kingsbury Formally Announces Coaching Staff

After a month or so on the job, Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury formally announces his coaching staff.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Thankfully, the mystery of who is coaching what is done and over. Yesterday, head coach Kliff Kingsbury held a 10 minute press conference to officially announce his coaching staff. Kingsbury clarified that Sonny Cumbie and Eric Morris would both be co-offensive coordinators. I thought that Kingsbury wouldn't have an offensive coordinator, but I am wrong a lot. I think a lot of these are just titles, it's like being a vice president. It looks great on your resume. Either way, Kingsbury will still call plays. Also clarified is that Trey Haverty will be the special teams coordinator. Here is the list from the official site:

Sonny Cumbie - Co-Offensive Coordinator, Outside Receivers
Eric Morris - Co-Offensive Coordinator, Inside Receivers
Matt Wallerstedt - Defensive Coordinator
Mike Smith - Co-Defensive Coordinator, Outside Linebackers
Kevin Curtis - Cornerbacks
Trey Haverty - Safeties
Lee Hays - Offensive Line
Mike Jinks - Running Backs
John Scott Jr. - Defensive Line
Chad Dennis - Head Football Strength & Conditioning

There is a transcript of Kingsbury's press conference yesterday (PDF). There's not a lot to add, but here are some highlights.

That he wouldn't necessary take a full class this year just to get to a particular number:

We’ll see. We’re not going to force something if we think they don’t fit out system. We’re not going to try to fill a number. When we have all of our ducks in a row for an extended amount of time, we can really do some work. We’ll see how that goes.

The spring game will be later in the spring rather than early, but Kingsbury hasn't set any dates:

Not the exact date. I know it will be later. We want to get them in the weight room and give them an extended amount of time to get with our strength coaches and to learn the offense. To be able to be in meetings and to learn the offense and get a good feel for it. It’ll be pushed back more than ya’ll are probably used to.

That there will be some attrition and he is not sure how many scholarships will be available:

We’re still working on that. We’re still figuring some of that out. There’s been some attrition - obviously. Always at semester. We’re still figuring all these numbers out.

And the focus wrapping up the 2013 recruiting class is on offensive and defensive line:

I think numbers wise, O-line and D-line is an immediate need that we’re trying to address and a lot of good skill players coming back on offense – we’re just trying to wrap it up and get the guys who can get in here late.

I suspect that this will be one of the last times before signing day that you'll hear from Kingsbury. He's going to be a busy guy. I have the remaining previews scheduled to be posted over the next week so we'll get those out of the way and completed.