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Open Thread | Kingsbury Announces Coaching Staff

Consider this your open thread for Texas Tech's head coach Kliff Kingsbury press conference to announce his coaching staff.

Mike Stobe

If you are able to listen, help out the rest of the class. You can watch the press conference on TexasTech.TV. Generally speaking, I think this is the coaching staff as far as I can figure:

Kliff Kingsbury HC/OC/QB

1. Matt Wallerstedt DC
2. Trey Haverty S
3. Kevin Curtis CB
4. John Scott, Jr. DL/ST
5. Mike Smith Co-DC/LB
6. Lee Hays OL
7. Eric Morris IR?
8. Sonny Cumbie WR
9. Mike Jinks RB

There most likely will be revisions to this, but that's why he's having a press conference. I'll have a bunch of coach profiles posted during the weekend and early next week. I've just been waiting on confirmation as to actual coaching responsibilities and positions before posting them.