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Grading the Red Raiders | Texas Tech Red Raiders 63, Oklahoma Sooner 81

The Red Raiders were able to keep the game close for most of the game, but the Sooners proved to be too much with their depth. Dejan Kravic led Texas Tech with 20 points and 9 boards for the game.


Texas Tech 63, Oklahoma 81 | Box Score | Quotes

This is me taking a small victory. This was a close game despite the 18 point difference. It got out of hand very late. Texas Tech was within 6 or 8 points for the better part of the game, but was spent at the end of the of the game and was in disarray. I'll still take from this game that this is what you can expect for the rest of the season. Texas Tech is going to grind it out and try to keep it close each and every game and I absolutely believe that this is the right way to try to win conference games.

Texas Tech doesn't have the talent to win a run-and-shoot type of game nor does this team have the ability to score at will against better opponents. Still, I like the defensive game and I think Texas Tech would have had a better shot had they not give up so many offensive rebounds. I don't consider this to be any sort or moral victory, just a hard-fought loss and for now, as long as the team is fighting each and every game to the bitter end.


Here's head coach Chris Walker:

First of all I want to give credit to OU. I think they did a great job of coming back in the second half and going to [Romero] Osby and really establishing him. We didn't do as good of a job of attacking as we did in the first half. They really stayed within their game plan. They were aggressive on defense. We just couldn't make plays that we needed. I told my guys our weakness in getting rebounds the whole game, and it just came down to toughness. One time a guy got a rebound lying on the floor, and it just really came down to toughness. I think if we were just a little bit tougher and rebounded the ball a little bit, I think there would have been a little difference in the game. They played at home and they took care of business. I'm not upset with my team. I thought we fought. I think we're a victim of inexperience, but each game they show signs of getting better and better, and we just need more experience and more games under our belt, and we'll look forward to seeing Oklahoma in Lubbock.





I thought that PG Josh Gray showed me a little something. He still can't shoot and that's the biggest hole in his game. Gray does have really quick hands and is really nifty getting steals, but if he could ever figure out the outside shot he'd be on a different level. Teams are really starting to back off every player other than Hannahs and that's problematic for the offense. As far as SG Dusty Hannahs, he is very cautious about taking shots, but if Hannahs is going to turn into a modern day version of Jake Voskuhl or Bubba Jennings, Walker and the team need to figure out how to get him open on a few double screens to get him some looks. The defense would scramble. PG Daylen Robinson looked good in limited minutes and didn't try to do too much. That's a good thing. SG Jamal Williams also didn't look bad, but with Robinson and Williams, they both don't really create their own offense and that's the problem with this team. Just not enough shot-makers. Like a lot of you, I would still like to see SG Toddrick Gotcher get more than 14 or 15 minutes. I think he can create his own shot a bit better than some of the other options. SG Trency Jackson remains suspended. #crazyeyes



Another game where the team is out-rebounded, this time by 8 boards. Texas Tech gave up 16 offensive boards a ton of them early, and even ahd 14 offensive boards on their own, but this team just can't get beat by 8 on the boards and keep the game close. C Dejan Kravic was really good and he looked like he was a lot more comfortable offensively. He was 8 of 10 from teh floor with 20 points and 9 rebounds. F Jaye Crockett's step from the top of the lane or the wing is really tough to beat, but Walker and Texas Tech needs to do a better job giving him the ball and clearing out space for him. The spacing seems really cluttered. Early foul trouble plagued F Jordan Tolbert and he was largely ineffective. I still like the minutes that C Kader Tapsoba gives this team and wishe he got more



If Walker is going to grind it out, and I have no problem with this, he really has to preach to his team the need to block out and rebound. It was really tough to watch that first half and OU get all of those second chances. OU had 10 of their 16 offensive rebounds in the first half. Walker also needs to figure out the spacing a bit. OU really stretched out the defense in the first half and Texas Tech could hardly manage a shot. Then OU went to a zone and Texas Tech didn't have answer. Walker has to figure out how to get the more offensive players the ball to get good looks. That would include Crockett, Hannahs, Kravic and Tolbert. The rest of the players can do their best to creae on their own, but Walker needs to do a better job of setting up the more offensive oriented players.


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