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Five Questions | The Running Backs

How do you see the running back position playing out in 2013 for Texas Tech? Who do you expect to make a significant impact next year?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports


No. Name Year Ht./Wt. Position
24 Eric Stephens Jr. SR 5-8/201 Running Back


No. Name Year Ht./Wt. Position
8 Sadale Foster JR 5-7/187 Running Back
21 DeAndre Washington SO 5-8/182 Running Back
37 Quinton White FR 5-7/197 Running Back
34 Kenny Williams SO 5-9/219 Running Back
33 Omar Ontiveros JR 6-1/236 Fullback

*As an aside, I left off the walk-on players. You can see the entire roster here.

1. Which of the returning players do you expect to have a break-out year in 2013?

2. Are you at all concerned about the depth at this position? Texas A&M ran the ball 533 times last year, of those, 201 was Manziel. Are you expecting the running backs to see a bigger load this year, or about the same as last year?

3. Do you maybe envision Sadale Foster swinging out to the inside receiver spot considering the lack of depth there, or do you think he'll stay at running back?

4. With DeAndre Washington hopefully fully healthy, do you expect that he'll have an increased role? Who gives up their carries instead of Washington?

5. In looking at the running backs, they are really all very talented and I personally could make a case for each one of them being "the guy" next year. I still think that Kenny Williams is the second most talented player on the roster behind Eric Ward. Do you have an order of how you see these guys stacking up?