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Monday Morning Links at Viva The Matadors | 2013-01-14

Thoughts on the DoubieT104.3 parody Twitter. Miscellaneous links on softball, baseball, men's basketball and football.

So I've stayed out of this whole DoubieT 104.3 thing although I've been following it from afar. I have no idea how accurate any or all of this is, but the guy that was running the twitter account to parody started a blog to give his side of things in more than 140 characters. In any event, I guess I'm no longer offended or surprised by anything when it comes to the media.

I've always preached, and this applies to me as well, is that everyone has an agenda. It doesn't surprise me to learn that in order to get access, certain things must be said or not said. I remember listening to the 104.3 Instant Reaction podcast when Tuberville left to go to Cincinnati and I was surprised at the callers who just seemed to let Chuck Heinz have it (you need Quicktime and it kept crapping out on me after about 45 minutes or so). I don't live in Lubbock so I don't listen regularly, but it was surprising to hear the anger by the callers at the host. I have no idea what Heinz says or doesn't say because I don't listen at all. Some of you have a better idea of towing the company line. I'd also add that I'm sure that Heinz is very cognizant as to what he's saying. Sometimes these types of jobs come with a price, your opinion. It shouldn't have to be that way, but it doesn't surprise me that it might happen in smaller markets.

I've never had access, so I've never felt pressure to say anything because you can't take away what you don't have. I am not employed by Texas Tech or employed by someone that has a contract with Texas Tech. If I did get access, I'd still try to do the same thing, which is just trying to write what I think. And if anyone then took access from me because they didn't like my opinion, well, then I'd keep doing what I do here.


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