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Five Questions | The Receivers

Help answer five questions about the returning Texas Tech receivers. Who is going to step up their play of the returning players?

Scott Halleran


No. Name Year Ht./Wt. Position
6 Austin Zouzalik SR 6-0/187 Inside Receiver
3 Tyson Williams SR 5-11/210 Wide Receiver
86 Alex Torres SR 6-1/202 Wide Receiver
14 Darrin Moore SR 6-4/216 Wide Receiver
88 Marcus Kennard SR 6-3/203 Wide Receiver


No. Name Year Ht./Wt. Position
1 Javon Bell JR 6-0/180 Wide Receiver
2 Reginald Davis FR 6-0/184 Wide Receiver
19 Derreck Edwards RS FR 6-1/177 Wide Receiver
87 Aaron Fisher RS JR 6-2/188 Wide Receiver
18 Eric Ward RS JR 6-0/204 Wide Receiver
28 Dominique Wheeler FR 6-1/177 Wide Receiver
9 Shawn Corker RS SO 6-1/193 Wide Receiver
85 Jordan Davis RS SO 5-10/174 Inside Receiver
11 Jakeem Grant RS FR 5-6/163 Inside Receiver
22 Jace Amaro SO 6-5/257 Tight End
4 Bradley Marquez SO 5-11/201 Athlete

*As an aside, I left off who I think are the walk-on receivers except for Jordan Davis, who seems to have seen more time than any of the other ones. You can see the entire roster here.

1. I think that you can now see that Eric Ward staying for his senior year was vital as the depth chart is very much thinned out. What are your expectations for Ward and do you think he is generally over-looked as a very good player that doesn't seem to get enough credit?

2. Two of the most athletically gifted players, Reginald Davis and Dominique Wheeler, redshirted this past year. How big of an impact do you think they will have next year.

3. What are your expectations for Amaro? He has been hurt and when he returned he punched another player.

4. Derreck Edwards and Shawn Corker have somewhat teased us with their potential, what are your expectations for them now that the depth chart has cleared out a bit.?

5. Give me your two-deep heading into spring practice? Starters and backups at the two wide receiver spots and starters and backups at the two inside spots. Also, you can assume that everyone is healthy (i.e. Marquez and Bell).