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Texas Tech Red Raiders Basketball Weekly Questions

3 questions answered in my own opinion about the basketball team on some fun and interesting topics that others might enjoy discussing.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

Q: Will Josh Gray start against Kansas (after being benched the entire rest of the Baylor game when he received his technical foul)?

A: Yes. I would hope that his punishment was served being benched by Walker in the Baylor game, and in whatever way Walker seemed fit off the court. Gray has started ever game this season for the Red Raiders and is one of the top players on this team. He does have a tendency to turn the ball over and takes some ill-advised shots, but he is 2nd on the team in scoring, 1st in assists, and 1st in steals. He is a freshman that got frustrated by the best point guard in the Big 12, Pierre Jackson. He said some words to Jackson after a backcourt call on Tech while Jackson was walking to his own bench for a timeout. It was when we were getting crushed which made it embarrassing, but everybody in the USA that night was frustrated. This is a game that gets heated at times, and ugly words are exchanged. I do really hope he learns from it and settles down enough for Walker to feel he can keep him in our starting line-up. Tech needs him in the game to be our floor general.

Q: Who will defend and try to stop Kansas freshman star shooting guard Ben McLemore?

A: Trency Jackson or Ty Nurse. I say this because Walker started Trency against PG Pierre Jackson at the beginning the Baylor game, which must mean that Trency is thought of to be the best backcourt defender. Trency got smoked by Pierre, but I think might have a better chance against McLemore. Pierre Jackson is small and quick, where McLemore is a bigger guard 6’5’’ and 195 pounds. Trency or whoever defends McLemore is going to have their hands full, because the guy can straight ball. He scored 33 points in an OT win against Iowa State (6-6 from three, 7-7 FTs). He can drive or shoot, so you better be ready at all times and try to not foul him (89.3% FT shooting). If Trency doesn’t work, then Ty Nurse might be the answer. Nurse might not have a lot of offense but he is good on the defensive side of the ball. Nurse helped in our comeback against Alabama with his D. I think both our guys should get a chance to go against McLemore in the game.

Q: Will we get more fans in the stands at the United Spirit Arena for #6 Kansas than the Baylor game?

A: Yes. Baylor is really good, but Kansas is the #6 team in the nation. We had the official attendance recorded at the Baylor game as 6,385. More fans always come to see top teams play, and hope to experience a spectacular upset. I think we will definitely have a higher number of fans at this one. If we win this game it will be a monumental upset, and I’ll be ready to celebrate it. Wreck ‘em Tech!