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A Sneak Peek at the Future of Double-T Nation . . . Viva The Matadors

This may or may not come as a shock to you, but Double-T Nation will be undergoing some changes, but truthfully, all of SB Nation will be undergoing some changes, all of them good, and this will be happening in the very near future. More than anything else, I'm going to need your help.

First and foremost, I want to quote SB Nation's founder, Tyler Blezniski:

It’s with great pleasure that I unveil the first step in the next evolution of Double-T Nation, which will soon be Viva The Matadors. In the next month SB Nation will be undergoing a dramatic upgrade to our platform and our editorial process. There will be much more detail to come but for now, the new logo below is just a first taste of what is coming for Viva The Matadors.

This is a small, but important sample of what is coming when our network undergoes its most exciting and radical transformation in the eight-year history of the company. A new visual identity here and across the network is only one step we are taking to unite our network of sites. United through individuality is the underlying theme of this project. You’ll notice that our team colors and the unique spirit of our individual community is maintained while making it clear to sports fans that each site is a part of the larger SB Nation network. We want everyone to know that they can find the same type of great writing, video and conversation that we offer here on all of our 350 plus sites. You can browse through all the new logos on a special page we put together at

Our commitment to passionately follow our sports will never end. It’s what makes SB Nation a special place and that will only be enhanced by these new changes. In the meantime we’re setting up additions to our store so you can be sporting the latest and greatest before it even launches. Welcome to our future.

There are a couple of things to address here and I really need you all to get behind this.

Yes, I have relented and finally agreed to change the name of the site. As you know, Texas Tech has claimed that they own the phrase "double-t". I think that is ridiculous, but my opinion doesn't count. I cannot tell you how long of a process and decision this was for me.

I am incredibly happy with the name and logo of the new website, Viva The Matadors. Again, if you have the time, check out what all of the new logos across SB Nation will look like. Pretty amazing work.

This is where I'll need your help. At some point in the near future, we'll be operating with a new URL and will eventually re-direct you to Over the past seven years or so, DTN has built up quite a bit of Google-magic. "Google-magic" is not a technical term, but think of it like DTN had built up a lot of credit over the course of time because DTN had consistently written about Texas Tech athletics for a long period of time. Viva The Matadors will be starting over with that Google-magic and so things might be sorta quiet when things get switched over, but this is where I will need your help. I will need you to tell your parents, children, co-workers, friends, enemies and complete strangers about Viva The Matadors to build that Google-magic back up.

Like I mentioned above, this has been an incredibly tough process, but I'm incredibly pleased with the result. It's a beautiful logo and if anyone makes fun of the name or logo I'll be hiding somewhere in complete disappoint. So please be excited for me and Viva The Matadors.