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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-09-07


ODDS AND ENDS | I'll be out of town this weekend, although I think I'll have internet access and be able to watch the game. I'll be publishing a first half open post and a second half open post as well as a post-game post that will go up about four hours after the game. You may not get any Saturday morning links from me and post game thoughts until Sunday, but I will have two open posts for the Saturday games.

I don't make any money off of referring you to Totally Texas Tech, I just know it's an excellent couple of books and he's got a sale on them for 20-25% off.

BIG 12 | According to ESPN, the Big 12 is set to announce a $2.6 billion media deal with ABC/ESPN and Fox. This deal will have a 13 year term and means that each team of the Big 12 will receive $20 million per year.

SOCCER | The soccer team will travel to Auburn to take on the Tigers on Saturday. The DT has a story on freshman phenom Briana Rhomar and the DT has another story on previewing the game against Auburn. Also in that story is a mention of senior Conner Williams tearing her ACL and is out for the year, but has received a medical hardship and be able to play next year. Get well soon Conner.

VOLLEYBALL | The volleyball team will travel to Missoula, Montana (I've always wanted to go there since watching a River Runs Through It) to play in the Hilton Inn Grant Creek Inn Invitational hosted by the University of Montana. Good luck!

MEN'S BASKETBALL | LAJ's Nick Kosmider reported yesterday afternoon that Texas Tech head coach Billy Gillispie has been discharged from the hospital. I think it was our very own Dunka that mentioned that an announcement on a Friday afternoon usually gets swept under the rug a bit quicker and that's probably the case if there is going to be an announcement today. ESPN's Andy Katz asks how Gillispie can get his team back and concludes that he cannot. ESPN's Dana O'Neil re-tells her time with Gilllispie in covering Kentucky. There are not a lot of people coming out of the internets to defend Gillispie's past behavior.

FOOTBALL | Here's your morning links:

* LAJ's Nick Kosmider writes that Texas St. and San Marcos are excited about Saturday's game.
* DMN's Chuck Carlton continues to write the obvious by stating that if Texas Tech were to lose on Saturday it would hurt Texas Tech's bowl eligibility. There's actually more than that there, but Carlton is better than this.
* DMN's Mike Graham previews the game.
* DT's Michael DuPont II writes about going on the road to face a new challenge.
* RRS's Aaron Dickens has three stats to watch and also has a bit on special teams ace ATH Summitt Hogue who made the travel squad this week.
* Turfburner's Jay Beck previews all of the Big 12 games.

There are a couple of videos after the jump, the first being a story on TE Jace Amaro and the second is 10 minutes of the Texas Tech offense with a lot of video about Neal Brown. I'll emphasize this, but I love seeing how Brown is very passionate and very aware of all of the history of Texas Tech and he appreciates what playing for Texas Tech means. I really like him as a human being.