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Quick Thoughts | Texas Tech 24, Iowa St. 13

Post game thoughts from Texas Tech's 24 to 13 win against Iowa St.

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  • So how about that defense. The absolute star of the game. Had one bad drive the entire game. The entire defense had one bad drive. Freaking amazing.
  • If you complain about running out the clock, I will go crazy. Running the ball won the game. Not giving the ball back to Iowa St. with a lot of time helped win this game.
  • Corn Dog (i.e. Cornelius Douglas).
  • Kerry Hyder.
  • Kenny Williams.
  • Don't take Big 12 wins for granted. Savor this win.
  • Best Commercials: 1) GotYourSix - Not sure what this, is, but if you don't love this, you are against Murica. 2) Tower 200 - Obviously, this is an awesome product. It has a "supreme mother of all workouts." 3) Edge of Glory - Really, the name alone says it all. 4) Autism Commercial with Toni Braxton - What are the odds that a famous singer could hook up with two NBA players in Jason Kidd and Jamal Mashburn? 5) Nipper Alert - I don't understand what this does, but it involves how humans and dogs can eat .


  • QB Seth Doege was abysmal in the first half. He couldn't complete a pass. He looked tentative and he looked confused. Luckily, there is a second half to a game. I'd also note that there were way too many sideline screens, but it was an attempt to open things up over the middle. I do not like this plan.
  • The offensive line was equally as bad, allowing a lot of pressure to Doege. Doege doesn't deserve all of the blame and the line was a big part of it.
  • Tre Porter has to tighten up some of his coverage. He's too lose and he likes to blame others for his lack of coverage.