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Getting Around Viva The Matadors

A bit of a how-to-guide to finding out all of the things about the new SB Nation layout and Viva The Matadors.

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Change is always tough, especially on the internets. As you all know by now, SB Nation has undergone a layout change and I wanted to try to do my part by pointing out some of the things that you may not know by taking some screen captures. Almost all of the things that was there before is still here, but is just a bit different.

Feel Free to Promote the Hell Out of Viva The Matadors

Hopefully I don't have to explain all of the history, but Double-T Nation is now Viva The Matadors. Onward and upward. Feel free to pester your friends by telling them about VTM, feel free to follow me on Twitter @vivathematador. Remember, there is no "s" at the end and this is incredibly confusing. With the switch, I know that I was going to lose folks and in looking at the numbers, it's gone down some. I just need you all to stick with me.

Below the Photos on the Front page.

Click here for a full size screen shot, I've tried to highlight the things that are still there and where you can find them. This is just directly below the photos on the front page.


This is easy. If you want to go straight to the comments, click on the plus sign or on number and it will take you right there.

This is also easy and hopefully clear. I think there are still some bugs with how this is working, but eventually, the number on the left will be the new comments and the number on the right will be the total comments.

Story Streams

Story streams are something new, but it's basically a way to follow a story. Last week, I set one up for all of the Iowa St. stories through the week. You can click on either link to get the full effect of all of the stories from that week on a particular topic. I also probably utilize this with stories that always need updating, like the Billy Gillispie situation. Each one of these are separate stories, but they can also be under one link as well. I think this will make more sense as we go along.

Up above is what a story stream looks like when you click on the link. As you can see, it lists the total comments for each story.