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Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-09-28

Your somewhat daily collection of news, notes and links about Texas Tech athletics.

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More importantly, thank you all for continuing to visit Viva the Matadors, formerly Double-T Nation. It is much appreciated. Hugs and kisses all around.


I missed this earlier in the week, but the volleyball team was swept by TCU. I have a feeling that to pull the volleyball team out of the Big 12 cellar, Flora is going to have to continue to recruit and get some better players. He's made huge improvements on his predecessor, but I'm guessing that he thinks he needs better players.

The soccer team will host it's first two Big 12 games of the year, tonight against Oklahoma and Sunday against Iowa St. Go support this team if you can.

The Texas Tech men's cross country team has a new runner from Wayland Baptist, Kennedy Kithuka, and he's kinda kicking rear as he broke course records in his first two races.


I cannot believe that the softball team is playing already, Friday afternoon, and will play eight games during the fall.


LAJ's Don Williams is reporting that DT Michael Starts is out with a "medical condition". No other details were given other than it could lead to a redshirt. Starts was going to be some nice depth, the fifth guy in the rotation. I think he'll be missed, but not to the point that it's going to be devastating to the team. I hope he's okay.

LAJ's Nick Kosmider goes into the fade route and apparently according to QB Seth Doege, a lot of things have to happen:

"As a quarterback you have to put the ball with enough air into a specific spot," Doege said recently as he broke down the play. "We aim for the back pylon and that general area. Then for the receiver, he’s got to give me enough time to get the ball out, and time it correctly, and he’s got to win on his release. He can’t get jammed up or anything like that."

DT's Michael DuPont II writes about how a more confident Texas Tech hopes to win in Ames and OC Neal Brown praises the Iowa St. defense:

"They do a great job in the pass game, getting in their zone drops," Brown said. "I think they are going to be one of the better defenses in our league."

The Gazette, an Iowa periodical, has your two-minute drill, with a look at the matchups (i.e. passing offense vs. passing defense) and you'll never guess who they predict to win. Also from the Gazette is QB Steel Jantz's redemption after being injured last year. In addition to not caring about the secondary, I also do not care about the Iowa St. Daily's profile on special team's ace, Matt Morton.

PICKS! PICKS! PICKS! Football Study Hall's,'s Stewart Mandel and DMN's Mike Graham.

SB NATION! Here is your weekly Numerical and Alphabetical!

I've been wondering when this was going to happen, but apparently 24/7 Sports is teaming up with the LAJ and have a new recruiting site, (LAJ article and 24/7 Sports article) with Landon Wright being the main author. Welcome Landon! Whatever happened to the last Texas Tech recruiting venture fizzled out pretty quickly after starting off strong. I hope they can stick around. The more competition the better.