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Stats That Matter | Texas Tech v. Iowa St.

Some important statistics as Texas Tech faces Iowa St.

Michael C. Johnson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

(3-0, 0-0)

Date | September 29, 2011
Time | 6:00 pm CST
Good Guys | Texas Tech Red Raiders
Bad Guys | Iowa St. Cyclones
Location | Ames, IA
Weather | High 70, Low 49
TV | Fox College Sports
Radio | Affiliates
Game Cast | FoxSports

(3-0, 0-0))

Passes Broken Up 9 18
QB Hurries 3 9
Fumbles Forced 1 2
Interceptions 3 4
Sacks 5.0 4.0
Tackles for Loss 14.0 17.0
3rd Down Conversion % 27.50% 27.27%
Rushing Yards Allowed 75.33 (12, 1) 110.33 (25, 4)
Rushing Avg. Yards/Attempt 2.43 3.31
Passing Yards Allowed 85.00 (1, 1) 169.67 (17, 3)
Passing Avg Yards/Attempt 4.0 4.6


I added the parentheticals to the right of some of the numbers and those are national rank and Big 12 rank.

The numbers for Texas Tech are terrific and I think they are telling of an improved defense, but they can't completely be trusted. To be ranked #1 at any time seems ridiculous and it will only last for this week. I'm fine with that and the reason why Texas Tech is sitting where they are is because they haven't played a conference opponent yet.

Just looking at the stats, I love how Iowa St. is making a lot of plays defensively. From a yardage standpoint, Texas Tech is doing better, but to have 18 passes broken up and 9 QB hurries and 17 tackles for loss is impressive. For Texas Tech, they really haven't had the opportunity to truly rush a passer as they have played teams that mainly like to run the ball. Iowa St. won't air it out either and the Cyclones are actually pretty balanced.

Iowa St.'s numbers aren't better than Texas Tech's, but I think they have played better teams in Tulsa and Iowa, both wins. Against Tulsa, the defense gave up 23 points to a Tulsa offense that is 18th in the nation in scoring offense after 4 games. Tulsa can score and given that they only allowed 23 points isn't bad. And then they showed how they can not give up a touchdown to an Iowa team that struggles to score. I know, Iowa can't score to save their life, but holding any opponent to two field goals is impressive.

The thing that I find most impressive about both teams is their third down conversion rate. Both teams are in the top half of the conference (BTW, Baylor is allowing 55.56 of third downs to be converted). I think this game comes down to which team can hold the other to this rate on third downs.

Red Zone TD % 70.00% (14/20) 57.14% (8/14)
3rd Down Conversion % 62.50% 43.75%
Passing Yards 367.67 (4, 3) 254.00 (47, 8)
Yards/Passing Attempt 8.1 6.6
Rushing Yards 230.00 (23, 4) 175.00 (55, 9)
Rushing Yards Per Attempt 6.05 4.13
Touchdowns | Turnovers 19 | 4 11 | 8
Turnover Margin -2.00 -3.00
Yards/Play 7.17 5.30
Sacks Allowed / Game 0.67 1.33


As mentioned above, the parentheticals are for national ratings and Big 12 ratings, except for the red zone %, as added the touchdowns over opportunities as the percentage could be telling.

There is no doubt that the Texas Tech offense is better, but that hasn't mattered the last two years. Statistically, Texas Tech is at or near the top of the nation in terms of offensive production. Amazingly, Texas Tech is 4th in the nation in passing, but still third in the Big 12, which is a testament to the passing aspect of the Big 12. The rushing yards are also surprising, at least for me and I do like the added dimension. We'll see this week if it helps.

The third down conversion rate is also fairly interesting. Texas Tech is near the top of the conference, while Iowa St. is near the bottom. Much like how this could be a telling statistic on the defensive side of the ball, it could be equally telling offensively as well.

The turnover margin and the touchdow to turnovers is telling in that ISU has been more prone to turning the ball over, but I sorta think that Texas Tech has been a bit lucky with turnovers as Doege has thrown a few questionable passes that might have gotten picked off against better competition. Still, we can only count what has actually happened, or what hasn't happened, and Texas Tech is still scoring at a high rate, but just isn't forcing a lot of turnovers to be in the positive column.

All helmet images via The Helmet Project and thanks to College Football Statistics for these stats.