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Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-09-24

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The soccer team lost on Friday night to West Virginia, but was able to get a nice win yesterday against New Mexico St., 5-0. LAJ and DT both have stories recapping the win. In listening to the Coach Siegel show over the weekend I learned that West Virginia is actually a pretty good soccer team and had won the Big East the last two years. They will host Oklahoma on Friday night.


On Saturday night the volleyball team was swept 3-0 against Kansas. I am hoping for the best for the volleyball team in conference play.


I can't remember if I posted this over the weekend, but oh well. LAJ's Don Williams looked at the difference in the 3-0 starts for 2011 and 2012. Here's LB Terrance Bullitt:

"Well, you can look at the stats," linebacker Terrance Bullitt said. "Stats don’t lie. Last year against Texas State, look at the yards we gave up. You can look at the injuries we had after three games (in 2011), and if you pay close attention you can see on defense how we’re running to the ball and flying to it and how close we are this year. So it may be the same record, but it’s a lot of different things also."

The official site has their Iowa St. game preview which lists a very preliminary depth chart. The only thing that I really noticed is that Olaoluwa Falemei is backing up Eugene Neboh at right cornerback and doesn't list Cornelius Douglas as the starter at left cornerback, but instead lists Bruce Jones and Derrick Mays. I think Douglas will play this week, but it is interesting that Falemei is somewhat in the mix.

DMN's Mike Graham writes about how Texas Tech has managed to field the #1 team in total defense. Also interesting is this article from the Des Moines Register about Iowa St.'s blueprint in beating Texas Tech the last two years. Finally, here's this video from TTU's Brandon Rawe with QB Seth Doege and WR Eric Ward dissecting their first touchdown against New Mexico:

Touchdown Breakdown: New Mexico (via techathletics)