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Red Raider Gridiron | Friday Morning Links

Just a list of links this morning and a few videos:

* LAJ's Don Williams profiles RB Sadale Foster who had not played running back at JUCO and lost 10 pounds after the spring game to get ready for the season:
"I feel like they came back to me a lot in the spring," Foster said this week. "I got my cutting ability back and my vision, and I was able to see holes as opposed to playing slot receiver where it was just me and a man and reading a zone and the coverage. I feel like my feet are back under me and I have my balance back a little bit better. I’m still adjusting, though."
* LAJ's Don Williams talks with New Mexico Rashad Rainey, who is friends with some of Texas Tech's California JUCO players.
* The official site has a story on the theme for the New Mexico game, which is "Celebrate Cotton". I usually think these things are cheesy, but if you want the University and the football program to embrace West Texas then this is a start.
* Speaking of official site things, yesterday was Brandon Rawe's first day and he has a feature on the Lobo option:

*'s Aaron Dickens has three stats to watch.
* Turfburner's Jay Beck previews the Big 12 games this week.
* answers your mail.
* ESPN's Damon Sayles (this guy works a ton) talks with Texas Tech commit LB Dakorey Johnson:

* Football Study Hall's Bill Connelly with the F/+ picks of the week.
* talks with a writer from the Albuquerque Journal, Rick Wright, to catch up on the New Mexico Lobos.
* The Albuquerque Journal talks with UNM head coach Bob Davie who said that the 45-0 loss to UT wasn't really a 45-0 loss.
* DMN's Mike Graham scouts out the Lobos.