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Northwestern St. 6, Texas Tech 44 | Initial Thoughts

I'll have some more thoughts tomorrow, but I wanted to get up a handful of thoughts while watching the game. This next bit is completely non-game related, but if you have a beer and you need to screw the lid back on the bottle or can of beer then you are doing it wrong. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.


  • Trying to stay really composed, but I'm pretty sure that this is what a defense is supposed to look like. I tried really hard to pay attention to gaps and where players were supposed to fill those gaps and it is like watching a entirely different team. This was also not a case where we can say that the defense struggled in any one single area of the game like last year where they were awful stopping the run. This is encouraging.
  • The offense wasn't as explosive as I thought, but it was pretty good. The offense really fizzled in the beginning and late when QB Seth Doege played. Some of it was nerves, but overall I'm pleased. I also don't recall any wide receiver screens, but a lot of bubble screens. Doege took enough chances down the field to make me happy.
  • The running game was impressive. The offensive line looked pretty cohesive for the most part, especially when they were asked to zone block.
  • I loved the big plays by the defense. I know, it's not the best opponent and this happened last year, so I'm tempering my enthusiasm, but it's encouraging. Loved the blitz call when Northwestern St. got into the redzone the only time of the game. Kaufman took it personally.


  • I mention this above, but the offense being a bit lethargic. I have to remind myself that the offense also simply dominated the line of scrimmage and scored at will for three straight possessions. I think this was about the offense figuring some things out, but it was still a bit lethargic for my taste.
  • Doege has to be better, especially early. He can't let nerves get to him. That can't be part of the deal. Hopefully, it's just first-game jitters and we won't see this next week, but he can't be high on his passes, especially when teams will most likely be dropping 7 into coverage. That leads to interceptions.
  • I really want to have something to complain about defensively, but they limited NWS to less than 100 total yards. And they did it without causing a single turnover.
  • I didn't like either turnover, from Doege or Eric Stephens, but I'm not going to get too worked up about either turnover. Again, just don't do it next week.