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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-09-01

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MEN'S BASKETBALL | There are three sources from yesterday's news about alleged player mistreatment: ESPN's Andy Katz, CBS Sports Gary Parrish, and CBS Sports Jeff Goodman. I also need to mention that LAJ's Nick Kosmider spoke with Gillispie and he had no comment on the practice allegations, but said he felt heart attack like symptoms. There's a couple of things going on here, the first being that two former players, Kevin Wagner and Jaron Nash, both went on the record and said that Gillispie led the team in practices that went over the NCAA limit, lasting 8 or 9 hours. The quotes from Katz's story are from returning players.

A lot of you have said that you think this is just a situation where soft players are complaining, but the only problem I have is that Gillispie has a history of mistreating players, and it seemed like Gillispie turned a corner as a human being after the death of his mother. Wagner and Nash don't sound bitter, but rather they sound like they are just telling the truth and Wagner is the son of a well-respected coach in Lubbock. I am sure that Wagner has been pushed by his old-man a few times so being tough most likely isn't a new concept. Of course, the assistant coaches should also be able to verify if this is true or not as well as some of the returning players. Goodman's story also details how Gillispie may have botched the hiring of Tom Coverdale and I also recall there being something to the way that Chris Beard was yo-yo'ed.

I'd add one more thing, which is that Katz, Goodman and Parrish are not Joe Schad. I've always respected what each of them do and I've always thought that Katz is one of the best in the business.

This isn't just one player making an allegation, but former players and current players voicing their concern.

SOCCER | Texas Tech handled Nevada last night, 1-0 and are 5-0 on the season.

VOLLEYBALL | The volleyball team beat San Jose St. and UT Pan Am yesterday. Also undefeated thus far in the season.

FOOTBALL | The official site has the details on the inaugural Ring of Honor class, which is E.J. Holub, Dave Parks and Donny Anderson. LAJ's Don Williams also has an article on the three inductees. I love that these three men are the inaugural class.

LAJ's Don Williams writes that the players want to regain fans by winning games. Here's LB Terrance Bullitt:

"It’s very important," Bullitt said this week. "We control that, and the way we can win fans back is by winning games. That’s what they want to see. The more games we win, the more they’ll come back, so it’s very important that we start off with a strong, undefeated record."

LAJ's Don Williams writes that RB Eric Stephens wants to put his knee injury behind him:

"I’m just excited to play again," he said. "I’m not really thinking about anything else other than getting back out there with the team and making some plays. I just want to put the whole ACL deal to rest, not only for the fans and the media, but to myself. I feel like I’m ready, but Saturday will be the final test to me, I guess."

Miscellaneous: LAJ has game day match ups . . . LAJ's Brittany Hoover has a good story on the new Goin' Band director, Duane Hill . . . Turfburner's Jay Beck previews every Big 12 game, go check it out . . . the LAJ also has the paper version of their season preview online . . .