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Red Raider Gridiron | First Practice Notes

THE NEWS | There are a few of things to note. First, DT Anthony Smith hurt himself in a scooter accident, rolled his ankle, and will be out for a couple of weeks. If you look at his Twitter then you'll know that he's fine, but will be out for a bit. That's disappointing. Next, CB Brandon Bagley took a bus from the College of Sequoias to get to Lubbock and now I suppose he is officially official and on the roster. Defensive backs coach John Lovett had this to say about Bagley:

"He’s a guy that just got here yesterday on a bus," Lovett said. "How many people do you know that are going to get on a Greyhound from California to out here? That’s a different kind of kid. He’s thrilled to death to be here. He’s excited to be here. He’s a really good competitor, a good kid and a good worker. I’m thrilled that he’s here."

I haven't had to do any sort of profile on Bagley, but do not expect him to play this year. Tuberville said he needs to get stronger and he has speed. I'm guessing they saw a raw athlete that they hope they could turn into something. Last, head coach Tommy Tuberville said that the team had a lot of energy, no one really stood out as all of the players want to impress on the first day of practice. Tuberville did say that he was very much pleased with the depth on the team and that there are players pushing players, although he said he needed one more recruiting class at defensive line and offensive line. I'd say that's probably true as there are older players, but it's a pretty thin group unless some redshirt freshmen or true freshmen need to play, which you sorta hope that they don't.

You can read LAJ's Don Williams notes section or you can listen to the press conference. I'd also add that LAJ's Nick Kosmider has a handful of notes in the Runnin' with the Raiders blog and mentions that the situation with TE Jace Amaro and RB Kenny Williams has been resolved, but that there are still some things with the legal system that need to be played out (this is how I read it), but Tuberville said that players that embarrass the team with these sorts of things have to pay the price. Kosmider also has quotes from DB coach John Lovett.

EDWARDS IMPRESSES | LAJ's Don Williams features WR Derreck Edwards (he goes into spelling his name in the story) and this is pretty good in that Edwards has improved greatly since his freshman season. Edwards also credits WR coach Tommy Mainord for pulling him aside one day, told him that he was down on him, with Ward going down, Edwards said that Mainord told him that he was tired of waiting on Edwards to do something and make a move. Love that. Here's Edwards who is not afraid:

"This is huge," Edwards said of August camp. "Coming off of the spring that I had, this is huge. I’m looking to go into this camp excited with a full head of steam. I’m coming to take spots. I’m coming to push Eric Ward. I’m coming to push Marcus Kennard. At the end of the day, we’re all going to get better, but I’m going to try to crack the starting lineup."

RETURN OF AN OLD FRIEND | Some of you may remember Tim Griffin, who first wrote on ESPN's Big 12 blog, and he would often communicate with me via email, sent me a couple of papers where he published things about Texas Tech (I still have them) and generally a good guy. Griffin is back with the SAEN and he has three stories on Texas Tech, including a bit about Bagley, Tuberville talking about his son Tucker as he tries to walk-on this team, and also profiles DC Art Kaufman.

KAUFMAN SPEAKS | DC Art Kaufman spoke after practice and here's a non-transcript and a rambling mess:

Expect older guys to make a jump and go into fall camp and have gone through the process. Older guys did a great job of making that jump. Need to get into pads and will have a better feel, but the older players knew what to do and effort was good. Terrance Bullitt was the first time he's seen, but very pleased with his knowledge, was a bit rusty. Need to play good from up front to the back end. Told the DT's that it all starts with them. Need to understand what a players role is, every player needs to know what their role is. Biggest thing with these guys, when you talk, they are listening, they are taking in every word and are trying to execute, and for Kaufman, the easiest thing has been their willingness. Try to put them in a position of, "Are you going to get yourself in the picture." Are they going to be in the hunt to be in that game. The film guy does't put you on a highlight film, you put yourself on a highlight film. You do your job and you'll show up. Will Smith is comparable to some other guys he has, and Smith believes he needs to make every tackle. With high school guys, it will take through Saturday to get acclimated. Tells players to not get beat by the last play and doesn't want players to get beat two plays in a row. Need to play the next play.

HIGHLIGHTS | The official site has highlights with Courtney Davis as your host:

MISCELLANEOUS | A couple of videos are after the jump, including a behind-the-scenes as the players check in (at the end, Tuberville addresses the team by saying no one makes excuses and it's Texas Tech's time) and RB DeAndre Washington is up with meeting the two deep . . . good article on freshman WR Reginald Davis . . . I really enjoy it when the guys discuss college football television . . . SB Nation's Bill Connelly looks at what was luck and what wasn't in regards to the high number of turnovers with Oklahoma St. and also has the incredible Oklahoma St. preview . . .

All helmet images via The Helmet Project.