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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-08-27

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ODDS AND ENDS | I told you that there was going to be previews starting today, but actually it is going to be tomorrow when you get your first preview. I've been working on updating DTN's rules and explaining some things about DTN so that's going to get published later today. I can tell you that this is my schedule for the week: Tuesday: Stats That Matter; Wednesday: Point of Attack; Thursday: Taking Notes; and Friday: Prediction Time. I'll also have your game-day threads and post-game thoughts, etc.

I also putting a call out for someone that wants to be the official BlogPoll voter for DTN. I haven't voted in years because I don't watch enough football and I think it is disingenuous to vote and be like the coaches and writers who really don't spend enough time watching a lot of teams. So if you are interested, this means that you'll have to submit a vote on Sunday or Monday to DTN and people will give you feedback and then the final ballot should be submitted on Tuesday (I think). For those of you who are interested, shoot me an email (doubletnation AT gmail DOT com), send me a pre-season top 25 and tell me your DTN user-name. I'll pick the most loyal person and the person that wants to give me the most stuff (just kidding . . . sorta).

Per the DT, Texas Tech's endowment is over $900 million.

I mentioned this yesterday, but might as well as mention it again because it's great. TTU Red has put together another photo book and it's great. More details at Totally Texas Tech and you can preview it here. Go buy it!

SOCCER | Texas Tech won 4-0, fueled behind Jessica Fuston's hat-trick (that's three goals) against Montana. Texas Tech athletics is undefeated thus far: soccer: 4-0-0; and volleyball; 4-0.

FOOTBALL | The official site released the game notes and preview. Chris Level noted that Lee Adams isn't on the roster that's at this link. Level thinks he might have given up football and I'd bet on Level.

LAJ's Don Williams features LB Will Smith and the video is actually funny as Smith talks about how he was recruited. Smith talks about adding weight and getting up to 230 and hand-placement and technique (this is being emphasized this spring) and DC Art Kaufman talks about Smith:

"The big thing for him is he’s been able to focus on technique, because he got a grasp of the defense in spring ball," Kaufman said. "A lot of times, it takes more than spring for a first-year guy to come in, but he’s done a good job of picking it up. He’s picking up some strength. All we’re working on with him right now is just some technique things."

Miscellaneous: Burnt Orange Nation's Peter Bean asked me a bunch of questions and I provided way too long of answers . . . Pre-Snap Read's Paul Myerberg thinks that the Oklahoma Sooners are #9 in the country . . . the University Daily Kansan previews the Red Raiders . . . LAJ's Tommy Magelssen caught up with former Texas Tech All-American Thomas Howard and NFL'er Charles Haley who were at the Knights of Columbus kickoff dinner . . .