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Red Raider Gridiron | Tuberville Says Defense Making Improvements


POST PRACTICE | The last few days, I've been utilizing Double-T 104.3's audio archive to put these together rather than the official site because the official site lags so much with the video. So hat-tip to those folks for putting on the audio. Here's your non-transcripts:

HC Tommy Tuberville: I thought this was the last dress rehearsal, had about 90 plays, good enthusiasm. Covered a lot of situations. Pretty good day, not perfect. The defense played better than the offense, especially one's vs. one's. Defensively, we are not the best we can be, but we've made improvements. Will start scout teams tomorrow. Friday we'll go twice and have another day of scout teams. Look out there and don't know if they're going to be first group and second group, and now that we'll break it down further, hope execution improves. Have a few more options. Pleased with lining up on defense and knowing what we're doing, we're much better off. On offense, too many dropped balls. Will get Saturday off and first day of classes, Monday, is off, have plenty of time to get legs back. WR Eric Ward is still tender. Trying to look at the younger guys. Ward had the flu and a little tendinitis, just not focused. DB's still giving up the long ball, our QB's know the defense, and we put the DB's in a bind every day. We'll still go against each other, really encouraged by CB Eugene Neboh and CB Cornelius Douglas. CB Bruce Jones has come a long way. Jury still out on the younger guys. I was talking with John Lovett and we agreed that CB Derrick Mayes has made more improvement than any other corner, if he can stay healthy, but he has practiced well. J.J. Gaines, lot of improvement at the safety spot. RB Stephens looked good, got caught at the end, looked like the old Stephens. Working on a lot of trick plays now, put a few things in, it will be well-executed, hopefully, I thought the Wildcat looked good today. I liked that, running the ball. Not 100% on returners, IR Javares McRoy and Ward. McRoy has great hands, the problem is everyone runs spread punts. Kickoff return will be McRoy, WR Bradley Marquez, RB Sadale Foster and WR Javon Bell. Take any of those four, they look like clones.

RB Eric Stephens: I get better everyday, repetition creates confidence. My knee is strong, I squat over 450. It is all mental, no time to be mentally weak. I'm not the fastest, but I'll get you 40. I didn't hear D.J. Johnson or I would have dove. I think I'll get my own package and Kenny will have his. Camp is the worst part of the year, but it was a blessing to get a few weeks before the game. Got to zig-zag or something so I can get in the endzone. This is the first time of an injury to this extent, just put in the Lord's hands hoped for the best. The fade is a big part of the offense, with those guys, the running game will be better. It is very easy for a RB to forget about a read, you have to stay patient and stay true to your reads. With me being hurt, just encouraged all RB's. We have a ton of great backs.

LB Will Smith: Got the wind knocked out of me, got caught. Little sloppy, but it will help us out for next week. We're just going to learn from those mistakes. I feel pretty comfortable, all the checks to make the right decisions. It's just football, just go out there and make plays. I feel like I'm ready.

Normally by this time in the morning, the LAJ has updated some of their earlier articles with a notebook, but this morning they have not right now. They have a short article on Marquez flipping to split end behind Eric Ward and on the other side you have Javon Bell and Darrin Moore. Also, they have a short article on the aforementioned Derrick Mays. You can also check out the video where Don Williams and Nick Kosmider discuss the players who have surprised during camp. 1340 The Fan's Rob Brennan also files a practice report.

ANOTHER NEW DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR | The DT is slowly but surely working back into full swing and we get Brett Winegarner writing about the new defensive coordinator Art Kaufman. Here's Kaufman talking about what he tries to impart on each player:

"If you want to have success, I think the biggest thing is with practice and reps and confidence with what you’re doing," he said. "And that’s the whole thing we do. We try to come in and install the system and make sure everyone knows what to do and then make sure everyone knows how to do it."

MISCELLANEOUS | Crimson and Cream Machine has a video preview of your Red Raiders . . . I normally do not like Bleacher Report because the writing isn't great and they force slideshows on users, but I do like Michael Felder and Adam Kramer. Yesterday, Felder, a former defensive playing for North Carolina, wrote about how Texas Tech is handling concussions . . . SB Nation's Bud Elliott gives you some betting advice for win totals for the Big 12, this is totally, just advice . . . A Student of the Game's Cody Davis writes about the media and that when he gives answers, he keeps it positive . . . 1340 The Fan writes that Charles Haley will be in attendance at the Knights of Columbus kickoff night . . .