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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-08-21

Wes Welker with his new hair. Mandatory Credit: Stew Milne-US PRESSWIRE
Wes Welker with his new hair. Mandatory Credit: Stew Milne-US PRESSWIRE

ODDS AND ENDS | These are the winning photographs from the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest of 2012. I like beautiful photos.

One of my favorite websites (do you like websites), UniWatch, is ranking all 122 professional uniforms and logos (MLB, NBA, NFL & NHL) and this is the first installment from 100 to 122.

SOCCER | The DT is back from their summer hibernation with a quick article on the soccer team going 2-0-0 this past week.

BASEBALL | TWAHS's Ryan Hyatt talks with Trey Masek about his summer playing in the Cape Cod baseball league.

FOOTBALL | The game time for Northwestern St. has been set for a 6:00 pm kickoff.

Head coach Tommy Tuberville was the only one available for the media yesterday. Here's a non-transcript:

HC Tommy Tuberville: Had a good spirited practice today. Starting to get tired and leaning on guys. Still have 4 days of camp will keep pushing them. Offense looked better. Good to have RG LeRaven Clark and C Tony Morales back. Defense didn't practice as well, but we are getting better at all positions. LT Rashad Fortenberry is pushing through a bad ankle, he wants to play. LG James Polk was doing a good job, we had to move him. Alfredo Morales is most improved at at LG and ahead of Polk and Beau Carpenter. He is going to be hard to beat out. S J.J. Gaines is really improved, learning what to do, a lot of this stuff is new to all of them. He has good football sense and knowledge. We need him and S Austin Stewart to come on, they have not gotten it done consistently, but we will know more. We will let the legal system play out with LB Daniel Cobb. Was not best scrimmage, Fortenberry was mentally was good, but got beat physically, DT Leon Mackey was good defensively,we have to have depth there. S Cody Davis was very good, will put a young and an old guy in at the same time where they can communicate with the younger guy. Big picture, we threw a lot at them. We did a lot, put them in situations where they competed well, we are playing better as a unit on offense and defense. Today offensively, some guys getting mad and turning it up. We saw another gear from our offense today. We're working on a lot of things on offense and defense. It is a challenge when you play our offense, really puts the pressure on your defense. Getting a bit more physical on the offensive line and that's a credit to OL coach Chris Thomsen. Got to get lower. RB Kenny Williams and a lot of Wildcat down there, he's a load in open field and on the goal line.

For another version of the transcript, make sure and check out LAJ's Don Williams notebook. I did not type out the stuff about frequency of using a two-back set because I couldn't hear the question, so the answer didn't make sense.

I didn't update yesterday's post for lack of opportunity, but the LAJ has additional details about Daniel Cobb's arrest and I don't like posting about stuff like this.

LAJ's Nick Kosmider features FB Omar Ontiveros. I had asked Kosmider via Twitter yesterday if the offense has been running much out of the Pistol formation or mainly two-back sets. He said that the offense will use some pistol, but mainly two-back sets. On the heels of that, Kosmider asked the best blocker on the team, Ontiveros, about blocking:

"You don’t really get any love, but I love it," Ontiveros said. "I love the contact. It fits me perfectly. I went from buried on the depth chart to now having a role on this team, so I’m fine with it."

And OC Neal Brown talks about how Ontiveros improved his game:

"I told him in December, ‘Listen, Omar. You do a great job blocking, but we’re super one-dimensional when you’re in the game,’" Brown said. "‘You’ve got to learn pass protection and you’ve got to catch the ball.’ Over the past nine months, he’s done that."

FWST's Stefan Stevenson looks at Texas Tech.

KLBK's Matt Roberts with a story on QB Seth Doege: