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Red Raider Gridiron | Post Scrimmage Thoughts for Scrimmage #3

POST PRACTICE THOUGHTS | This morning, I had time to listen to all of the audio from yesterday's scrimmage and there was a lot of it: HC Tommy Tuberville, DC Art Kaufman, OC Neal Brown, QB Seth Doege and DT Delvon Simmons:

HC Tommy Tuberville: Pretty productive day, wanted to look at the backup quarterbacks, had some live tackling for the first team. Didn't make as many mental mistakes. Had a little contact with some previously injured guys. Come back on Sunday for film and weights. Last week of camp. Got a little better, some of the younger guys stepped up. Good to see the defense better. LB Will Smith is fine, has a strained patella tendon, wanted to look at the other linebackers. The mental aspect was better on offense. Will have full go with all offensive linemen on Monday. RB Quinton White should be back in 6 weeks or so. Other than that, we didn't have many injuries. WR Javon Bell has played well, he's learning the QB's and they are learning him. He'll get a lot of playing time. WR Bradley Marquez continues to play well. Need to make sure we have the right people on the field. We're better on defense, I keep an eye on linebackers and defensive line. The corners have been better, there have been some big plays. Overall, it's going to take a while to get everything in sync, defensively, we just have to be better. We have more speed, gave up too much running game. RB Eric Stephens looks 100%, will be full speed ahead on Monday. Need a full week of practice, give them next Saturday off, before the game. We won't do a lot of tackling between now, but do a lot of full speed and mental work. RB DeAndre Washington did well, got pushed around a bit, not quite as far along as the other guys. We'll see how they come out on Monday, the great thing about this football team, we still don't know who is first team. A lot of competition. Competition is great for the football team.

DC Art Kaufman: Looking at the past week of camp, leading into the scrimmage, gives the next guy an opportunity to develop his skills. Try to give some live tackling situations, need to get some things cleaned up and not give up big plays. Smith was held out today and gives LB Daniel Cobb and LB Blake Dees opportunities. The defensive tackles have made a big jump from spring practice. DE Jackson Richards has had a good camp, probably at linebacker is LB Sam Eguavoen, he's upped his game. The secondary needs to focus on depth. Need to narrow down who is going to be in the game. need to add in the rest of the package. As a 4 man rush, it's average, when we blitz it helps us out. DE Branden Jackson is still learning. Pete Robertson is the same way. DT Delvon Simmons is the same way. Still not settled at linebacker, not sure who is going to be in travel group. At corner, we are not settled with 3rd and 4th corners. Blake Dees has made a jump, a lot of work with the ones, Zack Winbush played in the Middle during the spring, but moved to Will, he's come on and gotten himself in the mix.

OC Neal Brown: Our guys are sharp, more excited about being out here. Need to work 2, 4 minute drills. QB Seth Doege handled himself well, made some checks. The competition at WR has really affected our whole practice, a lot of times our WR guys are moody and that hasn't been the case and they know that if they don't have the energy, then they slide down the depth chart. We try to put more pressure on practice than in the games, try to put them in bad situations, because they know they have to produce. Stephens and Washington have come a long way, especially since Thursday, the knees have been good, watching them cut off the injured knee, everyday they get more confident. We needed a backup at FB. FB Omar Ontiveros has been very good for us, Amaro has been a good tight end. Chris Knighton is a good body that can train at both. WR Darrin Moore knows all of the spots. IR Tyson Williams had a red jersey because he had a tooth pulled. Need to get WR down to 5. WR Marcus Kennard was out. WR Eric Ward will go on Monday. Left guard is up for grabs.

QB Seth Doege: Think we are right on track. Made a lot of plays offensively and defensively. Ready to start game-prep. Everyday the WR have to show up, they push each other and make each other better. Stephens and Washington, more encouraging to the coaches. I'm sure the coaches feel better. The defense has been better, they are a year older and think they will surprise some people.

DT Delvon Simmons: Progressing real good, more pressure on the QB, previously they couldn't run the ball. The thing we need to work on more is getting pressure on the QB and pass rushing. Feel like I'm getting better, I'm more comfortable. The DL has more freedom, is pass-rushing, not just shooting the gaps, a lot of one-on-one. Stopping the run makes us better. We are getting more pressure, I give credit to coach Tate something that we didn't get last year. To defeat the block you have to be on the man, how to defeat the run and stay in your gap, just pay attention to details, a lot of little things.

You can also read post-practice reports from LAJ's Don Williams, LAJ's Nick Kosmider and 11340 The Fan's Rob Brennan. Did you all see how Chris Knighton (6-1/252) is moving to fullback and/or tight end. Someone thought this was a good idea a few months ago. Woot! Also, I found it interesting that Simmons is crediting DL coach Fred Tate with teaching him some technique.

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