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Red Raider Gridiron | QB Michael Brewer and OG James Polk Discuss Their Progress

Four Verts.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Four Verts. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Getty Images
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POST PRACTICE THOUGHTS | Yesterday, head coach Tommy Tuberville, QB Michael Brewer, RB DeAndre Washington and OL James Polk were all made available to the media, but I only had time to do non-transcripts for Tuberville, Brewer and Polk and only did Brewer's because I love Btech. Thank you to Double-T 104.3 for putting the audio on your page. Here we go.

HC Tommy Tuberville: Good practice, grinding through it. Pushing through it. Have a two-a-day practice on Friday and getting better each day. Have a lot of room for improvement. Defense won the scrimmage and was much better. Sloppy in running game and execution. Good to see the defense have success, thought it was LB Will Smith's best practice, CB Bruce Jones was good. CB Cornelius Douglas and CB Eugene Neboh are in the training room with groin injuries [Tuberville didn't sound concerned and am leaning that this is precautionary.] S Austin Stewart made one of the best moves for getting better. On offense, RB Sadale Foster is going to be hard to keep out, he sees the field so well. Hate to lose RB Quinton White, broke the outside of his foot. Hopefully, he's back in 6 or 7 weeks. Offensive line, C Deveric Gallington, his leadership and play has been really good, need some consistency from RT Terry McDaniel and LT LaAdrian Waddle. We have a formula that if they get a concussion, then we give them all kinds of tests to see where they are at at the time of the concussion, but then they have to have some down time, that's a 3 or 4 day period, then they have to have 24 hours to completely rest, and have no headaches, then they can bike for a day, then they can stand and watch, and then they can play. Going to go to the safe side to make sure they are ready to go. RB DeAndre Washington is getting better, probably a little bit better. IR Alex Torres is getting better. They won't wear the braces in the game, they will look quicker without them, but it will be their decision and with doctor. We put the corners in a bind, played tight, in first scrimmage, the second scrimmage, we blitzed and made the QB's think. If you are playing with first or second team you have to step up, you can win or lose the next play. We are making progress

QB Michael Brewer: Feel pretty good with where I am right now, have progressed each spring and each practice. Trying to do as much in the film room, with hot-reads. Coming in early was a great decision, feel worlds ahead and getting that extra spring in, makes me feel like the old guy even though I'm a freshman. Omar Ontiveros is very tough, we can do a lot of things with him in the run game and he has done a lot of good things with his hands during the summer. DeAndre Washington, can't tell, much of a difference, looking good.

OG James Polk: Focusing on footwork, a lot of quick guys in the Big 12. I definitely feel, we have to step-up for a man and be the next guy and need to push forward. Think I will stay at guard, they really need me at the guard position. Needed more work and redshirting helped.

If you would like to read a similar summary, then check out LAJ's Don Williams notebook.


Also mentioned in the notebook is that spokesman Blayne Beal said that Texas Tech would only be wearing black helmets this year, although TE Jace Amaro tweeted an incredibly good looking red helmet that is just for show. Personally, I love it, especially with the black facemask, but I also like the white helmets too. I think I am in the minority.

BUSTIN' OUT FOR A CHANCE | This is two days of literary greatness by me. Seriously, "Bustin' out for a chance"? That's how they teach you to do headlines (I really have no idea). LAJ's Nick Kosmider profiles K Ryan Bustin, who has been very consistent this fall. That's a good thing. Here's Bustin:

"I’m really excited," said Bustin, who gave up soccer after his junior year of high school to devote more time to football. "It’s one of my biggest dreams to play Big 12 football, Division-I football, and I’m ready to get it going."

WEEKEND LISTENING | 1340 The Fan's Sit and Listen had on former Red Raiders LB Brian Duncan, WR Lyle Leong (who is a WR coach at Cisco J.C.), DB Daniel Charbonnet, and QB Tommy Duniven.

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