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Israel Iheanacho is Texas Tech's 14th Commit

Hmm. So way back in February of this year, I ran across a tweet from Israel Iheanacho was going to transfer to Texas Tech.

I did some internet research (i.e. Google) and figured out that he actually played football at City College of San Francisco. So even though I mentioned it way back in February and I didn't know exactly what to think about it since I wasn't even sure if this was newsworthy as I couldn't really find any information about Iheanacho that would leave me to believe that this was a big deal, but rather a player that was transferring to Texas Tech and may try to walk-on. But now, is (I think as I cannot see beyond the paywall) reporting that Iheanacho's commitment as Texas Tech's 14th commitment of the 2013 class, which is great. Welcome Israel!

Iheanacho attended high school at Alief Taylor in Houston, so he's relatively local or he's actually from Texas. In looking at City College of San Francisco, Iheanacho only had 9 tackles for the year. I think these are some highlights from his senior year, but I won't swear to that. I think that he might be #20. Would love to see some JUCO film to have a better idea of what kind of player that Iheanacho is.

For once, I can say that I think that you heard it here first on DTN.