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Texas A&M Transfer OG Brian Thomas Leaves Program

According to LAJ's Don Williams, Texas A&M transfer Brian Thomas has left the program. Head coach Tommy Tuberville had this to say regarding Thomas' ability to practice:

"He's got too many physical issues," Tech coach Tommy Tuberville said after Monday's practice. "He was second team and went down to third team. Physically, he couldn't make it through a complete practice."

So if I'm reading between the lines, this sounds like a guy that either had physical issues that prevented him from being able to compete or like a guy that didn't show up ready to practice. Maybe it is a little bit of both. As far as depth chart implications, I think what this means is that redshirt freshman LeRaven Clark will be your starter at right guard when the season starts with Terry McDaniel at right tackle.

As also noted in a FanShot, S Urell Johnson has left the team and will transfer to Southern Mississippi. I don't see this as being a huge problem from a depth perspective as it seemed Johnson had to overcome knee injuries when he first signed and I think that maybe this led to him being passed over by younger players.