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Red Raider Gridiron | First Scrimmage Completed

MEDIA DAY | I really wasn't aware that this was such a big deal, but apparently yesterday was the day that the media could talk extensively with the players to maybe put together some of their productions for season previews. You can watch the behind the scenes video, but it was pretty much a cattle-call. I don't remember this before, and I guess it's a good thing.

PRACTICE REPORTS |'s Joe Yeager and LAJ's Nick Kosmider and Don Williams. I can't even begin to summarize, but you should also check out TTUMAR's thoughts on the scrimmage as well. Soak it all in. My initial thoughts are that I'm still worried about the second cornerback spot, the offensive line is still thin and the defense appears to be making plays. OL Matt Wilson has a partially torn ACL and will be out for the year. Was he on the two-deep, sorta, maybe because there just aren't a lot of players on the two-deep on the offensive line and the whole thing, except for the starters is in a bit of flux. And I say that it's in a bit of flux because I think that the players know that they all need to know various positions and to be flexible. They'll use the best players despite what they may be labeled.

MEDIA DAY STUFF | The official site has a transcript of yesterday's press conference (PDF) and you can find quotes from QB Seth Doege and S D.J. Johnson. Also, the best compilation of video and audio from yesterday's event is Double-T 104.3. It's the station that has the football games, so that makes sense. Also, I forgot to mention this the other day, but 1340 The Fan's Rob Brennan had a bit on the quarterbacks and he followed that up with a discussion with Doege from yesterday. Brennan also live-tweeted the entire scrimmage yesterday so if you like that sort of thing, give him a follow @Rob1340TheFan. I've added a handful of new followers to DTN's Texas Tech list.

IMPROVE PASS RUSH | LAJ's Nick Kosmider writes about the pass rush, in particular DE Branden Jackson. Here's Jackson:

"Defensive end is really like an art now," said Jackson, who is currently the first-team left end. "People always say, ‘You’re playing the easiest position. You don’t really have any responsibilities, except for making sure nobody gets outside of you.’ But, actually, a lot goes into it. You have to know an offensive tackle’s tendencies. You have to know which shoulder to hit to make them turn which way."

Jackson has to be good ,but from reading Yeager's reports, it sounds like DE Pete Robertson is just too light to make a difference right now and that LT LaAdrian Waddle is handling him easily. It's not just those two, but those two are getting the most press. Just haven't heard a lot about Dartwan Bush, Jackson Richard, Christopher Knighton (maybe) or Lee Adams.

MEET THE TWO DEEP | Continues with S Tre Porter: