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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-08-11

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ODDS AND ENDS | There are two awesome (IMO) videos, but on opposite ends of the spectrum. The first is from the Isle of Man race from 2012, the first 30 seconds are awesome. The second is a video where some guys stick a camera on torpedo and the dolphins follow (both hat-tip to Kottke). The blue water is amazingly blue.

The Greatest Show On Earth【HD】320kph / 200mph Street Race ★ 'ISLE of MAN' TT ★ from Locck9 on Vimeo.

The Blue from Mark Peters on Vimeo.

SOCCER | Congrats to Jaelene Hinkle and Tiffini Smith for being named to the preseason All-Big 12 team!

LAJ's Tommy Magelssen writes that the Texas Tech soccer team brings in some different players with different styles of play.

MEN'S BASKETBALL | Per the official site, the Big 12 released the men's schedule and I don't have a lot of comment on that.

CBS Sports is anonymously polling a bunch of coaches and asked them who they believe is the biggest perceived cheater and I'll let you guess who made the list. As always, take these sorts of results with a grain of salt.

FOOTBALL | There was no media availability yesterday, so no practice video. You do get reports from LAJ's Don Williams and Nick Kosmider and Kosmider @ Runnin' with the Raiders. LAJ's Don Williams also profiles back-up quarterback and New Mexico transfer Dustin Walton. Here's Walton:

"I feel great," he said. "I like how they run things around here. They have a really good program that they’re, I wouldn’t say rebuilding, but last season they were real young and had kind of an off season. Everybody’s working real hard to get the momentum back to how Tech football usually is around here."

Meet the two-deep continues with WR Javon Bell: