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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-07-06

This Week on DTN
* Are you ready for Texas Tech Football?
* Texas Tech Football | Oklahoma Sooners Preview
* Five Most Important Seniors on Defense
* Texas Tech Football Ring of Honor Open Thread

ODDS AND ENDS | SB Nation's Spencer Hall enters hot dog eating contest with Kobayashi and loses by 59.5 hot dogs. I'm pretty sure I would have lost by 60.5 hot dogs.

SB Nation's Jason Kirk with the 12 most regrettable college fan pride videos. Thankfully, Texas Tech is not included in this list.

FOOTBALL | LAJ's Nick Kosmider (beware of auto-play video) has an article on yesterday's announcement on Texas Tech's new Ring of Honor, including a bit of a conversation with Dave Parks. I also very much enjoyed The Williams and Hyatt Show's interview of Blayne Beal to explain how this will work. Also make sure and catch's Joe Yeager on the three individuals selected (Yeager typically has a very good handle on Texas Tech history and does in this case as well).

SI's Holly Anderson (formerly of SB Nation) has your frequently asked questions for Texas St. and you should read this to be ready for the hated Bobcats.