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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News Notes and Links | 2012-07-04

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ODDS AND ENDS | Happy 4th of July everyone. Stay safe.

Totally Texas Tech with some new campus pictures!

Below is your moment of zen (hat-tip Kottke). I didn't know what or where a Teahupoo was. It is a French Polynesian island near Tahiti.

BIGGEST TEAHUPOO EVER from UnFuzzy on Vimeo.

BASEBALL | LAJ's George Watson with a article on new pitching coach Ray Hayward.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL | These are some national college football links -- Barking Carnival thinks that Oklahoma St., Baylor and TCU will fall back to earth . . . Crimson and Cream Machine with ten Big 12 games to watch (none include Texas Tech) . . . Maybe we should submit your Texas Tech themed room, but could maybe guarantee that it would not surpass this Virginia Tech fan's home . . . I haven't written about Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky, but EDSBS's Spencer Hall did and it's good . . .

FOOTBALL | Per the LAJ's Andrea Sinclair, WR Darrin Moore was arrested way back in April for a DWI charge and was/is indefinitely suspended from the team, but has worked out with the team all summer. So far there have been two incidents, the Jace Amaro and Kenny Williams incident and now Moore's DWI. In case you are keeping score, Texas Tech still isn't in the top 10 of the Fulmer Cup so most likely, this means that this is not a "problem" in the sense that the entire program is going down in the dumps because a few kids were arrested. It means that they are college kids who drink, sometimes irresponsibly. It's not like I really try not to throw stones when it comes to other players from other teams getting into trouble because it happens everywhere. The hope is that Moore has learned from his mistake. I've known good people that get DWI's and it can sometimes change their life for the better. It can be a wake-up call. If found guilty (I think the case is still pending) then I'd be fine with a couple games suspension.