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Texas Tech Footballers Visit Lubbock Hospital

LAJ's Brittany Hoover has a nice story on the players visiting some sick kids in a Lubbock hospital. Here's a bit:

Tech defensive coordinator Art Kaufman said it’s interesting to see the players interact of the field with the community. Getting the athletes involved with the patients allows them to give back and try to get a spark in the children’s lives, he said.

"(The players) are role models, and I think when these kids have the chance to have a connection with a real person, rather than someone that’s on TV, then they really have a chance of something to hope for," Kaufman said.

Also, here's a photo from Hoover's Twitter feed:

Can you name those players? And don't cheat by finding the roster. I think I see Kenny Williams, Dominique Wheeler, Reginald Davis, Anthony Smith . . .