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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-07-02

ODDS AND ENDS | I'm still foggy from everything that's gone on over the past week. We'll get to the Ring of Honor stuff later in the week, assuming that the work that I ignored last week isn't going to be overwhelming. I do know that an announcement on the Ring of Honor is expected to take place on Thursday at 9:30 am and you can follow @techathletics or @blaynebeal for the announcement. Personally, I hope it is some of the older folks first for no other reason than I think it is incredibly important to honor people during their lifetimes and the younger folks can wait.

TRACK AND FIELD | I know there are some former Red Raiders who did not make the cut, but congrats to Jason Young who placed third in the discuss and is on the U.S. Olympic team! Congrats!

BASEBALL | I'm guessing that the naming of Ray Hayward as the Texas Tech pitching coach wasn't official the week before last, but it was official last week. The official site and LAJ's George Watson are your places to go to read about that.

MEN'S BASKETBALL | The hiring of Jeremy Cox as assistant coach also officially happened last week and the official site and the LAJ's Nick Kosmider have stories.

FOOTBALL | We really only have one more month that is going to be difficult to wade. If we can get through July, then it's downhill from there.

I was checking out a video from the KAMC site and noticed that former Red Raider Brian Duncan is doing some work for KAMC as a sports anchor. Here he is doing a story on Jeremy Cox. Congrats on the new job!?

So the playoff thing happened while I was out and Texas A&M and Missouri are now former members of the Big 12, while West Virginia and TCU are new members. I noticed on my Twitter timeline that some people were staying up for this and the Big 12 had a big shindig in Ft. Worth. I guess I sorta found all of this somewhat anti-climatic.

As noted in this FanShot, TE Jace Amaro and his Twitter are possibly sporting the new jerseys with white numbers, which is a blessing for most, if not all, folks who watch the games. The tweet is embedded after the jump. That's a tease.