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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-07-17

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ODDS AND ENDS | I failed mention this a couple of weeks ago because I was busy or forgot or something, but the Avalanche Journal's David Just is no longer employed by the LAJ and will be moving on to the Dallas Morning News. First of all, congrats to Just. I hope his work is not behind a paywall because I very much enjoy reading it. With Just leaving, this has meant an increased workload from Nick Kosmider, who is essentially covering football, men's basketball and women's basketball, and I think he's doing a good job of covering all three sports.

I do love Outside Magazine because they have good people writing smart things and found an article yesterday on Outside Online about Paleo Fitness, which is apparently a very real thing.

WOMEN'S BASKETBALL | DFW Elite via Twitter I think broke the news about the commitment of PG/SG Jasmin Caston (5'10") from Plano East. I can say this somewhat confidently because it appears that they took some photos of Jasmin when she texted Coach Curry. Fun! Caston has an ESPN profile, lists her as a 4-star player and LAJ's Nick Kosmider talks with her coaches and Caston.

I have not had a chance to listen to it, but Coach Curry was on Coach Tim Segal's Coach Speak show on Monday night. This is usually an enjoyable listen.

Per the official site, Get to Know Kellyn Schneider, who is from Monterrey.

MEN'S BASKETBALL | DMN's Mike Graham follows up a bit on Rodrigo Silva leaving to go back home to Brazil to take care of an ailing family member and that SF Wannah Bail has left to go home as well, due to an academic issue, but is expected back when the fall classes start. This is all via's Chris Level and in listening to yesterday's podcast of TechTalk, Level said not to be surprised if Silva's scholarship is filled this year. Take that to heart.

FOOTBALL | Crystal Ball Run is previewing the Big 12 this week and they look back at season's past as well as answer the five big questions in the Big 12.'s Joe Yeager continues his Critical 20 series and up next at #7 is LB Terrance Bullitt.

Meet The Two-Deep with DT Kerry Hyder and he cut off his dreadlocks! I almost didn't recognize him and had to take a double-take.