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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-06-08

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This Week on DTN
* Texas Tech Football | Northwestern St. Demons Preview
* The Skills that the Five (or Six) Returning Texas Tech Basketball Players Must Improve Upon
* Five Reasons I Think Neal Brown Is The Right Offensive Coordinator
* Texas Tech Football Offseason Theorems | Combining Explosive Rushing and Passing Plays Relative to Field Position
* Tim Tadlock Named Texas Tech Head Baseball Coach

ODDS AND ENDS | I wasn't sure where to put this, but three individuals with local ties to Lubbock have been nominated on the Texas Hall of Fame ballot: former Texas Tech LB Zach Thomas, former Texas Tech RB Bobby Cavazos and former Monterey baseball coach Bobby Moegle. Congrats to all!

Well, this could be really useful. Via PopChartLab, a map of breweries in the United States (hat-tip Uncrate).

TENNIS | Congrats to Samantha Adams and Kenna Kilgo for earning the highest ranking by the Intercollegiate Tennis Association in program history at #15! More congratulations to Raony Carvalho and Gonzalo Escobar for also receiving the highest ranking by the Intercollegiate Tennis Association in program history by being ranked #3 in the nation!

TRACK | The official site and LAJ's Don Williams have updates on Texas Tech's happenings at the NCAA Championships.

FOOTBALL | This actually made me laugh only because my wife is a high school teacher and this sounds like one of her high school students. Per LSU recruiting site TigerBait (it is a RRS link, but the article is from TigerBair) Texas Tech commit CB Tavares Garner is expected to receive a LSU offer and allegedly said this:

"I'm still a Texas Tech commitment but I'm looking forward to de-committing soon," he said.

Eh. Probably a poor choice of words, but it is a high school kid and high school kids sometimes say not-so-smart things. It somewhat sounds like Garner might be a lot like when WR Marcus Johnson committed to Texas Tech, then he de-committed and committed to Texas A&M, then de-committed from Texas A&M and eventually signed with Texas. Just looking for the absolute best offer and there is most likely nothing that Texas Tech would have been able to do to keep Johnson or Garner.

LAJ's David Just talked with three Texas Tech former football greats about the current lawsuits against the NFL due to concussions: Donny Anderson, Bake Turner and Dave Parks. Here is Parks, and this is depressing, but a reality:

Parks said a doctor recently confirmed he has brain damage, and now he’s playing a game of wait-and-see.

"Some days I’m sharp," Parks said. "Some days I’m just kind of humdrum. That’s kind of disconcerting. It isn’t all just because of age."

I know what I'm doing early on Saturday morning. 1340 the Fan had on head coach Spike Dykes and some of the players from the 1989 football team to discuss the season.