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Tim Tadlock Named Texas Tech Head Baseball Coach

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Per the official site, Tim Tadlock has been named the Texas Tech head baseball coach. Here's athletic director Kirby Hocutt:

"I am very excited to announce Tim Tadlock as Texas Tech's new baseball coach," Hocutt said. "Tim has prepared himself for this tremendous opportunity and honor to lead our baseball program. As one of the nation's most respected recruiters and coaches he has demonstrated the ability to attract, teach and win at the highest level. There are great days ahead for Texas Tech baseball."

And a word from Tadlock:

"I am very proud and honored to have been given this great opportunity to lead the Texas Tech baseball program," Tadlock said. "I appreciate the commitment that the Texas Tech administration has given to me. We will honor the legacy at Texas Tech and we are looking forward to hitting the ground running."

There's also a ton of quotes from fellow Big 12 coaches as well as scouts praising the hire, essentially stating that Tadlock is a tireless worker and recruiter. Congrats to Tim and now the real work begins. Wreck 'Em!