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Five Reasons I Think Neal Brown Is The Right Offensive Coordinator

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"Five" is a series of five things, players, thoughts or whatever I think will fill a post.

The caveat that I have to get out of the way is that I have detailed since the season ended that the offense isn't as good as it previously was. I know that this is a fact, but that doesn't mean that I think Brown isn't the guy to lead this offense. Much of what I think is based off of listening to Brown during the offseason and seeing some video highlights of him interacting with the players.

1. I Think He Is Introspective. I do not mean this in the touchy feely sort of way, but in the way you want your offensive coordinator to reflect on the offense and praise his players. Earlier this spring Brown took to Twitter to hand out who he thought played well during the spring practices and I very much enjoyed it, although there were some that criticized him. Personally, I have nothing bad to say about a coach that wants to dish a little bit of praise on his players and I think that's an important part of being a head coach. If I had to guess, this would maybe be the biggest difference between former DC Chad Glasgow and Brown, which is that it's good to correct and criticize players, but I also think it is incredibly important to praise players as well. I think a byproduct of this is also to let those players that don't perform that he's keeping tabs on those players who are putting in the effort that he wants to see on the offensive side of the ball.

2. I Think He Wants To Be Innovative. I don't think that the Pistol formations were a mistake. I wish I knew why he stopped running the Pistol in the middle of the year. Really stopped it all of a sudden and that does not make any sense to me. I really want him to get back to running the Pistol 20 times a game. When Texas Tech ran out of that formation, it was fairly successful and Omar Ontiveros proved to be an excellent blocker. Add to the fact that Michael Pearson is arriving as a walk-on, that gives you two talented blocking backs that can give the defense a bit of a different look. I would love for Brown to utilize this more often and maybe he's waiting until he has a more mobile quarterback in Michael Brewer to fully implement what he wants to do, but I want him thinking a step ahead and trying to do something a bit different. Again, being innovative cannot be at the expense of the overall offense, but I want Brown to utilize all of the tools that he has available.

3. I Think He Knows He Relies Too Much On The Screen. The fact that QB Seth Doege last year and WR Darrin Moore have mentioned that the offense needs to stretch its legs I think it's a bit of an admission that the offense needs to be a bit more dynamic. Brown is too smart to think that a horizontal offense is going to be more effective than a vertical offense. Brown has to know that a screen game is fine if there is a playmaker on the outside that can make plays and break tackles. I don't know that there is that type of player on this team. The screen pass can be effective at times, but it is also incredibly safe. I think I get this thought, which is that Brown, considering what pre-dated Brown's offense he might have thought that he could not afford an offense that was potentially high in turnovers. Still, one of the offseason themes from last year and has been mentioned this year, particularly by WR Darrin Moore, is that the team wants to get the ball down the field. I think Brown wants to do that too, and now that he has a quarterback that he's had in the system for two years, I'm hopeful he'll open things up a bit.

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4. I Think He Has Done Good Job Of Pleasing The Two Philosophies. Can't say that I know for a fact that Brown wants to have a more dynamic offense, but it took a little bit of hutzpah to leave Troy and follow one of the best offensive minds in the game. And to arrive with a head coach that has been stereotyped a a coach that would love to run the ball three plays in a row (that stereotype obviously has some truth as Tuberville is not known as an offensive innovator). When Brown took the job, he had to know that he had to keep the high flying aspects of what Texas Tech fans had come to expect, yet also please his immediate boss and be able to implement some additional running plays that may go a bit against his general philosophy. It wasn't an impossible task, but you could almost bet that the Texas Tech fans wouldn't be satisfied no matter what offense was here even if it was remotely close.

5. I Think He He Aspires To Be A Head Coach. I like that it seems that Brown has put his name out there for a head coaching position this past offseason. I like the fact that he aspires for more. It hasn't happened for him just yet and I think over time it will happen. I actually think that Brown has probably learned a lot in his two years at Texas Tech. A tougher job than at any of his previous stops. A fan base that is tough to please. And my hope is that his offense matures along with him.