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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-06-04

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ODDS AND ENDS | I cannot recall ever writing anything about Duke before, but some Duke football players went to Ethiopia to dig a well and it makes me wish I could do more.

I do not know that I can explain Progressive Boink. I enjoy it. It is new. Progressive Boink with the 25 greatest Calvin and Hobbes comic strips. Win.

Here is your moment of zen:

Because everything is supposed to have a place, I do not know where this belongs, but the LAJ has a story on the college angling team from Texas Tech.

CONFERENCE REALIGNMENT | FoxSports Thayer Evans wonders how long the Big 12 will stay content . . . Tulsa World's John Hoover writes that the granting of television rights is what helped create harmony in the conference . . .

BASEBALL | The Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft starts today and the official site has a draft central page where the tireless Scott Lacefield will keep up with the Texas Tech players drafted and the commits who are drafted. The LAJ's George Watson takes a look at the players to be drafted with interim head coach Tim Tadlock. SB Nation's Texas Rangers blog Lone Star Ball profiles OF Barrett Barnes.

FOOTBALL | DMN's Mike Graham spoke with RB Eric Stephens DeAndre Washington at one of the Houston camps this weekend and Stephens Washington said that he was 85% back from the torn ACL. This is good news.

Texas Tech's Ricky Williams was interviewed by Double-T 104.3's Thetford and Ashby. I enjoyed that Williams still speaks, at times, in the third person.

Via the Contra Costa Times, the 49ers are hoping to see the real Michael Crabtree.