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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-06-25

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ODDS AND ENDS | This is the part of the summer where there's not much, if any news, on any given day and so if you don't see a DTN DD on a morning, don't be surprised.

LAJ's David Just writes about how the Texas Tech athletic department has implemented training for their coaches to help prevent an abuse type of situation.

TRACK AND FIELD | A few former Red Raiders are hoping to make their respective Olympic team. Gil Roberts finishes 12th and doesn't make the USA team, while Shane Brathwaite makes the Barbados team and Sally Kipyego makes the Kenya team.

BASEBALL | Congrats to Jamodrick McGruder for making the second team All-American team for Baseball America.

FOOTBALL |'s Joe Yeager continues his look at the Critical 20 and #15 is K Ryan Bustin.