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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-06-21

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PLAYOFFS | I was out most of yesterday afternoon and then baby-sat all of last night so I completely missed that the BCS Commissioners agreed upon a four team playoff. The SB Nation story stream on the playoff issue takes a while to load, but it has all of the news and information that you could want.

CONFERENCE REALIGNMENT | Apparently this is a story now and Crystal Ball Run has all of the details and links, but the story as of yesterday is that Notre Dame is set to join the Big 12, sans football, and that Clemson and Florida St. still intend on joining the Big 12.

BASEBALL | Yesterday, head coach Tim Tadlock hired Howard J.C. coach J-Bob Thomas as assistant baseball coach and per LAJ's George Watson, Thomas prides himself on being a terrific recruiter and he's only 29:

"More than anything, I’ve always been a people-person and been a person who is all about relationships," said Thomas, who has been on the job for Tech for five days and is in Cary, N.C., recruiting at the USA Baseball Tournament of Stars, which spotlights the nation’s top 18-under players.

"Whether kids come to Howard or to Texas Tech, they’ll know they’ll be taken care of and have their talent developed. They’ll know we will take care of them on and off the field and in the classroom, and when they’re on the field we will do as much as we can to enhance their knowledge of the game and their skills in the game."

Per the official site, congrats to Jamodrick McGruder and Barrett Barnes for being named to the American Baseball Coaches Association All-Midwest Region All-American second team.